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Hi, I recently received the free upgrade to w10 over my copy of w8.1 Everything has been perfect until now, but today I tried to make an extra partition on my Samsung 840 Evo 240gb ssd using Easeus Partition Manager. As the pc was restarting to perform this operation an error message 0xc000025 was displayed and pc recovery window stating that the drive where Windows is installed is locked, unlock the drive and start again. Not having a backed up image there is nothing I can do, is there any way I can recover from hthis situation?
Laurie LongmanAsked:
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Check with the partition tool you used, some of them do some strange things. They should be able to help you. Anyway, you could create partitions directly from windows using diskmanagement, for normal tasks you don't need 3rd party tools. If you do need more functions, always make sure you have updated the tool to the newest one that supports your OS.

You can also just reinstall Windows 10 by using the media creation tool and downloading the correct DVD iso version of Windows 10, then either burning it to DVD, or using the WinSetupFromUSB tool to put it on a bootable USB stick. Just boot the PC from the DVD or Stick and install it. When you get asked for the key (you get asked at least twice), just skip that option. As soon as the OS is installed and connected to the internet, it will be activated automatically as it has already been registered with m$ after you upgraded.

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Gabriel E.Commented:
Hi lorenzo71,

At this point it is hard to say whether there is a quick solution. As rindi said, It probably has something to do with the partitioning software. I would recommend trying to reinstall windows 10 if possible or trying to delete the partition you created. To edit the partitions, you can boot into a separate OS from a flash drive and edit the drive that way. You can find a good video on how to make that here - . At this point it is hard for me to say much more as I have limited information.

Best of luck,
make a bootable cd from the partition manager, and boot from it
then you can undo what you did -  and more

you can also try the paragon rescue kit - it has boot corrector tools :
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Does your Easeus Partition Manager create a bootable CD? I can speculate only what could happen there. You were trying to resize a locked partition (locked by system files or by some running apps) and this requested restart. Then a special engine should work which performs the resize in winre environment. And seemingly exactly here the Easeus Partition Manager failed to proceed. Maybe it is  a general problem from this partition manager or it is because of Windows 10.
Anyway - it sounds now that Partition Manager implemented its block to the drive.
Usually Update MBR (FIX MBR) resolves this problem. I would suggest you booting from Win10 installation media or to recovery mode of Windows - advanced recovery tools - command line - and try to perform there fix mbr, fixboot commands.
Laurie LongmanAuthor Commented:
All these answers helped immensely. Each had very good information which I will put in my memory bank. Like a bull at a gate I eventually went for the download of the W10 Home and reinstall option, apart from being a little confusing first it has worked out Ok and I have now at least an installation DVD too. If I had waited a little longer I would have seen nobus and noxcho's suggestions and would have tried these first, but not being able to access Easeus and make a bookable cd I could not. Many thanks again for your invaluable help! By the way now that I have a copy of windows.old on my c drive where would I be able to find the registry file? Also I now have two Windows 10 options to start, one (the new one) and the previous corrupt copy. Do I just simply delete Windows.old? Thanking again, Laurie
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