how do I improve speed accesing remotely via netextender ?

We have a new application running on a Lenovo server running windows  2012 , is a mssql  database
We have 15 users internally and 10 remote users
Locally we have a sonicwall tz215  and a VPN SSL 200 box
We also upgrade to fiber optic from Time Warner   (50/50)  
remote users have the option to use VPN (using netextender )   but when they run the app it very slow .
I try with logmein with 3 dedicated computer on site , and it work well , but can not buy 7 more computer for everyone to access the app
What can i do to improve this ?
Sonicwall recommended the VXA5000 virtual device ..
We need a solution to let remote users work at  "almost-same-speed" as if locally .
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Sounds like your line of business application is "chatty", and sends a lot of data up an down to the SQL server.

How about setting up a terminal server on site? A single server should be enough to handle 10 users.
MFAITAuthor Commented:
on the same server ?   how many users i'll be able to add ?
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Would be better to have a dedicated terminal server box if possible. The number of users that can be supported is difficult to determine, it is dependant on the applications that are being run.

 Assuming this is a fairly well behaved program, that does not peg CPUs or gulp up a heap of memory, or thrash the local HDD, I would start with 16Gb of RAM, (but make sure there is room for expansion)  at least a 6 core, multithreaded Xeon, and a pair of SSD hard drives.

This would support maybe 100 users running something trivial like Notepad or 5 users running something bloated like sitting all day on Facebook.

Terminal server requires a license for each user.
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MFAITAuthor Commented:
So better to buy a TS  dedicated to  10 users ?
I was told also to check on amazon virtual server  , can it be connected to my server ? or will have to install it   on their cloud ?
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
An Amazon virtual server will not help much, unless you were to move the SQL database there as well. With the terminal server in the cloud and the SQL server on site, traffic would still need to be sent via slower internet connections. With an onsite terminal server, traffic would go a few feet through a 1Gb CAT5 cable.
MFAITAuthor Commented:
Malmensa  :   we have a  server 2012R2   what's about if we use Remote Web Access ?  is this like TS ?  
how many concurrent users can I have with this option and how fast   comparing to TS ?
so i do not go out of budget ...
MFAITAuthor Commented:
by the way thanks for the help
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
No remote web access is something  different. Terminal server allows multiple users to log onto a machine and use it at once, remotely.  You probably use this administer the server form your desktop machine.

The application runs on the terminal server. The client PC, just sends keystrokes and receives video back. Since the terminal server is sitting next to the SQL server, the  SQL queries are all across a LAN connection. Since the client PC receives video across a VPN connection, video is slow, but usually fine on a home ADSL connection, unless you have an app that is graphics intensive.

The number of users that can be supported is dependant on the hardware, and the nature of the application.
MFAITAuthor Commented:
will try that solution ...need to check pricing for the Terminal server  to see if that will solve
Adding new switches internally will also increase speed ?  if I add a Gigabit  switches for example
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Maybe a little if there is a HEAP of traffic between the SQL and Terminal servers. Going to 1Gb would certainly increase the speed of large file copies. If you are looking at doing any sort of backups across the LAN, going to 1Gb is pretty much a requirement.

1Gb switches are not expensive, there are a variety available for under $10USD per port. Provided your cabling is OK, swapping over should be easy.

A terminal server should run at least as fast as using LogMeIn to take over a machine onsite.

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MFAITAuthor Commented:
Did not solved all my issues but they are good suggestions ..
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