How to Declare a global variable for storing the no.of .decimal values for a number(Variable)?

I tried with the following code its working but when i use insied a stored procedure its not working.. How can achieve this one  inside the stored procedure ?

CREATE TYPE phkTest from decimal(15,3)

DECLARE @Foo phkTest

SET @Foo = 1

SET @Foo = 1.1

SET @Foo = 1.12

SET @Foo = 1.123
Gowtham RamamoorthyAsked:
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Najam UddinCommented:
Try creating type outside stored procedure.
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
The type must be created outside the scope of the stored procedure otherwise it cannot compile it.

Can you expand a little bit on what you are trying to accomplish and maybe we can help you find an alternative.
Gowtham RamamoorthyAuthor Commented:
Hi Brian/Najam,

I have a  SP which start and End as shown below... I have various variable declarations where I have few 10's of varibles declared as a  decimal(15,3) which might change in the future also. So I created the global user defined type variable where in future if is want to change the variable to Decimal(15,2) it gets chnaged to all the defined variables.

As per your comment where should I exactly declare the user defined variables ?

Declaration part
Declare @variable Decimal(15,3).....
Code execution
Loop Ending
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
The user-defined datatype is persistent within the database in which it is created so you only need to create it once.  If you want to change it you would need to drop it and recreate it for instance if you wanted to change phkText from DECIMAL(15,3) to DECIMAL(15,2).  Alternatively you could just have multiple datatypes defined and just switch your code i.e. phkTest_Dec_15_3 and phkTest_Dec_15_2.  Once it is defined you can declare a variable of that type and pass it around just like you would any other.

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