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Greetings. We are in a multi-tenant building. The folks below us, who occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors, have AT&T fiber internet service. Fiber has been pulled to the Telco closet in the garage.  We are on the 4th floor.

What do I need to get high-speed fiber service to us ?  I've been told I need separate contractors to:  1. Install conduit/piping from the garage to our floor and 2. pull fiber from the garage to our server room.  I've also been told that we need to buy a converter/switch to terminate the fiber in our server room and convert it to a regular Ethernet port.  Finally, since AT&T is supplying fiber to the building, do I need to go with them as our ISP ? or can I go with any reseller ?  Is there a good website to find a reseller for specific geographic areas ?

Thanks much.
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Is AT&T the local telco?
Usually, the local telco will deliver the last mile feed. When you say fiber, you mean fios?
Or a dedicate fiber run?

It all depends what you currently have from the bottom to the fourth floor.
You could terminate the fiber on the bottom floor.

Determining which option is best.

Check with the others on who they used. And get pricing info.
If not mistaken, the fiber will be dropped at a central location from which it needs to be extended to your server room. Having multiple paths just in case .....
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
I'm assuming there's a dedicated fiber run to the building, as I'm told there's one Ciena 5150 switch in the telco room in the garage. AT&T ran fiber to the building.  The "central location" you mention is the telco room in the garage, I presume.  The other building occupant had fiber run to the 2nd and 3rd floors. We currently have EoC copper run the whole way up.  Do most companies get 2 or 3 contractors involved or get a reseller who arranges all work to be done ?
It depends on the complexity and whether/who will manage the implementation.
If you get different contractors to do the separate tasks, you would have to handle the "handoffs" if .... One might blame the other, with the reseller, they would be responsible to you and they will have to make sure everything is up and running....

Do you have a router in your server room that can terminate a fiber feed?
Check whether as part of the fiber, they include the router.

Is the telco room where the fiber is also the location where your current feed is coming in?
What do you have feeding up?
Presumably the telco room is "secure access" I.e. Terminate the fiber feed up over existing copper to the server room.
Or extend the fiber using two runs from telco room up to the fourth floor server room. Two just in case, you have two paths.

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lapavoniAuthor Commented:
1. No. We have a Cisco ASA 5512-x.  We would need a small router to terminate fiber.
2. Yes. Our current feed is coming from the telco room.  We have 8 pairs of copper (5Mb each).  The service is Ethernet-over-Copper (EoC).
3. When running fiber, is it normal to ask for two runs for redundancy ?
4. Yes, the room is in a locked garage and the room remains locked.

Redundancy, if cost effective, should be considered from the get go, just in case.

If your current provider AT&T as well and is feeding you EoC from the same ciena switch?
So you have a voice/data combination setup?
Some of the EoC feed your data via the Asa while others feeds a phone system?
                           / Voice portion
Ciena <=> EoC <=> ASA <=> LAN
Ciena <=> fiber new router <=> ASA <=> LAN
                                                \Voice system

Are you looking to double/triple up from your current feed?
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Umm, nope.  Our current provider is Megapath, through a reseller. The Ciena is new. I'm not sure what provides the copper feed. We do have an Adtran switch in bridged mode in our server room that the 8 pairs go to.  From there, it's connected to a small router, then to our ASA.  Voice is completely separate - an old digital system (not VoIP).
Does the adtran feed the old digital system as well?
Use a reseller/two, it might be better you would need to define what your existing setup, and what you want to end up with...
You could get different options and would have questions asked to narrow down what it is you are looking to accomplish.

I asked, but do not think you answered, is AT&T/SBC the local telco? i think Megapath uses the local Telco's lines to the end user.

Telco central office, Megapath has equipment there co-located. The local telco runs the last mile to connect the end user to the central office. Where they interconnect with Megapath.

I.e, if you have issues, you call Megapath, but the local Telco technicians come out to the building.
Who ran the fiber for the other occupant? If it was AT&T, that would be one thing, even though it sounds like there was a lack of communication in terms of where it was to be terminated. For example, was it known to the installer that your office was on a different floor?
Masnrock, the fiber runs were correct for the tenant who occupies the second and third floors, and who ordered it. The asker, a fourth floor occupant is exploring whether they too should transition to a fiber run from the telco closet to their server room versus the existing EoC that they have.
Arnold, I did not get a chance to edit the comment. The floor number was my error, but I did understand the issue at hand correctly.
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
And the goal is really more bandwidth for less money, if possible. I'm investigating whether we're  limited to a max of 40Mb EoC from Megapath or not. We're paying about $1500/month for 40/40. That seems steep to me. Thoughts on price ?
I have seen prices better than that for fiber service from cable companies. And that was getting 100/100 service. Who is your cable company?
The monthly includes all bandwidth you consume, or there is an added cost once bandwidth use exceeds.......

What is the SLA time to restore if issue arises?
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Single location. SF Bay Area. I wouldn't call them "cable", but it's Megapath through a reseller. SLA is 12 hours. They've been quite reliable for 4 years.
I know Megapath resells Comcast services in some locations. But try to see what Comcast offers if they are your cable provider. Sometimes they will want business enough to give a good discount.
Sf I think is AT&T territory telco company.
As suggested check with both dominant telco and cable, also get info on the router/wic and whether it will be provided/purchased through with carrier "subsidy"
Which adtran are you using?

Since you are considering transitioning, you should evaluate the entire environment. Nothing worse than changing obe, then the other ....
lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Some good information here. Thank you much.
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