I am installing two Window Server 2012...

I am not sure if I misunderstood the rules for licenses with Server 2012. It is my belief that when installing Server 2012 software, we first need a license to cover 2 CPU/VMs ....and we also need CALS for the individual users.
For example if my server motherboard has two CPUs, I need one (2 CPU) license and if I have 250 users, I ALSO need 250 user CALS as well.

Can someone verify this scenario and/or send me a link to a good source? Thank you.

Someone read an article that stated that if you have processor licenses you do not need CALS. But I believe this only referred to the earlier versions of the Window server software.                

L. Long
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That is generally correct.  Device CALs may be an option in some cases, but in MOST cases, USER CALs are the way to go.
But to be clear, CALs cover the version they are sold for (including any "R2" version) and any earlier version; they do not include future versions and CALs are for users (or device). They grant access rights to ALL servers - you don't need one cal per person per server.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
There is per core and per cpu licensing. Windows Server using per cpu requires CALS. Microsoft has gone to the per cpu license for 2012 and later.

Per core licensing 2 x quad core processor = 2 x 4 = 8 x 2 (core factor)= 16 licenses required
Per CPU 2 x quad core processor = 1 license

So your requirements are 1 Server License and 250 user CALS.. Device CALS may be cheaper.CAL Decision Tool

LLong29Author Commented:
Mr. Lee and Mr. David...
Thank you for your comments.

Mr. Lee...When you mention a "license granting authority" that entity may be our Microsoft reseller correct? I believe our hardware distributor is an authorized reseller.

Mr. David... we will probably go with user CALS because our PC population outnumbers our users more than 3:1. We want to use the MS Server 2012 computers as DCs. Therefore everything DNS related would be serviced by the DCs. At all our stores, we seldom use all of our employee  workstations per day to begin with. Plus we also have un-manned workstations for : security cameras, TV media servers, local DB servers, IP phone devices, that all use DNS access to connect to the Internet. To me it appears that I should count the maximum number of employees onsite per day then add 5% -10% extra for overflow then purchase the users CALS by that maximum daily number or users. Does this sound about right? I haven't had to buy CALS before this.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
un-manned workstations for : security cameras, TV media servers, local DB servers, IP phone devices, these don't require CALS only human beings require CALS.  In this case Microsoft is the license granting authority not the reseller.

NO not the maximum # of users per day but the ACTUAL count of the users.  Every human must have their own CAL. CALS are only transferable every 90 days
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
If you have 1000 users and only 300 work at one time you need 1000 user cals.
Microsoft also sells CAL suites that can be cheaper than buying server CALS and RDP CALS and Exchange CALS

Except for RDP most CALS are not monitored by the Operating System but are simply a piece of paper.
LLong29Author Commented:
My point of mentioning the list of "un-manned computers" was to indicate why I am doing user cals and NOT device cals. We have way more computers than people.

And the maximum number of users we have per day is pretty much the number of employees we have on staff. The only difference between the maximum number per day and the total employee population are the few "part-time" people we call in from time to time to cover shifts.

If we need to simply buy cals for our total company population...that's perfectly fine. I will get the employee list and tally up the full and part time employees. And certainly, I will contact Microsoft and double check to make sure we are not overlooking any details regarding the Server 2012 licensing and or user cals.

And once again thank you both for your input.

L. Long
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The User CALs cover individuals, full time or part time doesn't matter.
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