Print Access Form on one page

Hello. I have the below code on click of a 'print' button. This works fine, however, the form prints on about 5 different pages. Is there a way to force fit to page? Or a similar property? I can't seem to find anything.

Dim MyForm As Form
    Set MyForm = Screen.ActiveForm
    DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, MyForm.Name, True
Printer.ItemLayout = acPRVerticalColumnLayout
    DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, MyForm.Name, False
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Unlike MS Word, ...There is no "Print to fit" option in Access for forms.
1. Try an app like this perhaps:
2. Reduce the size of the form
3. Reduce the amount of data visible on the form
4. Try Printing a "Report" instead of printing the form.
...with Reports you have a lot of options regarding printing (page breaks, Grouping, ...etc)

But my guess is that if your form takes up 4 pages, ...even if this did work, ...the output would be so compresses as to not be very readable.

In my experience, any "form" that is 4 pages long needs to have its design rethought.
So if none of these options work for you, ...then post a screenshot of this gigantic form, so we can analyze...

Access is not optimized to print forms.  forms are for viewing, reports are for printing.  This is especially true if the form has subforms.  If a subform is sized to fit 8 rows on the main form and you have to scroll to see more, the printed version will not expand.  you will never see more than 8 subform records whereas on a report, the subreport will expand infinitely to show as many rows as exist.
acramer_dominiumAuthor Commented:
Through trial and error I got the below to work

    Printer.Orientation = acPRORLandscape
    Printer.LeftMargin = 0.05
    Printer.RightMargin = 0.05
    Printer.BottomMargin = 200
    DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, "frmLookupRL"
    DoCmd.PrintOut acSelection

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Your original question was how to print the form...
In your solution, you appear to have worked around this by printing the "selection"

As Pat stated, ...this could have all been done with a report (and a bit of "filtering" for the selected record)

But I am glad you got it going.

acramer_dominiumAuthor Commented:
Found it on my own through trial and error.
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