I have another different server that has a RAID 1 and A RAID 5. Just got done installed Dell Open Manage and the firmware and drivers are outdated. All of this is being done remotely and the on site Server tech has limited knowledge or experience with these types of issues.

Would a Live HOT SWAP of the R1 failed drive be the best option available post updating the firmware and Perc6 controller via iDRAC?

I have attached some details.
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They are fairly orthogonal. You can proceed with updating the firmware and drivers while the RAID1 set is in the degraded state. By deferring the replacement of the failed disk, you are running a risk that the remaining disk of the mirror might fail before the RAID set is restored to normal (not just the time it takes to do the firmware updates, etc, but also the mirror "resilvering" time). I wouldn't take that risk without ensuring that I have a good backup, and the time to take that backup is before any upgrades are done, so that you can use it to fall back if it should turn out that a problem occurs.

What I think I wouldn't want to do is swap in the new drive at the same time as the reboot that will likely be needed for the firmware and driver updates. But replacing the drive first would be my preference, since the rebuild time is going to be fairly short for a 136GB drive. You've been running on the non-updated firmware and drivers fairly successfully, so I'd view that update as less urgent, if I have a replacement disk already in-hand.
Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
Go ahead as Mr JMCG said there will be no issue at all upgrading the firm ware...

but practically i seen

just unplug and plug it back the failed disk  in your case 0:0:1 disk  it'll re write the whole disk and repair it self and get ready.

this can be try...

or you can go head with even after replacing the new drive and after drive online you can go with the firm ware upgrade ....

in your subject the firs priority is to make your Raid one alive with 2 disks... before failing the other disk...

even after changing disk to get ready and online the new disk it'll take time depends up on your data... so take quick action... to change the disk on backup the data is very important.

all the best
tbagnationAuthor Commented:
Shaik M Sajid -

You are saying to not wait to upgrade firmware or drivers? Unplug/Pull the failed one out and get an exact new replica drive and hot swap it in, once it's rebuilt then update firmware and drivers.

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Sajid Shaik MSystem AdminCommented:
first you try with your existing failed disk which will comes online if your luck is good..

other wise...

in hard disks exact replica could be good but not necessary....

in case if you have existing HDD 80 GB with 10000 RPM  but right now you have avail 300 GB with 15000 RPM with same controller like (SAS Connector) even though you can plug it.. and live your raid...

the thing is it'll degrade the new disk to same as your existing drive (80 GB with 10000 RPM ) only this space and speed will comes in action.

all the best

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tbagnationAuthor Commented:
Shaik and jmcg -

I appreciate both your comments. I have tried with the existing drive and that did not work. So, I have ordered a new one and that should be available very soon that is basically an exact replica Seagate drive. Just so I understand I have not moved forward with any firmware updates, but did get a DRAC installed to remotely manage the server.

Just so I understand, the best option is to Hot Swap the new drive that I receive and allow it to rebuild.

Yes, having DRAC makes managing these servers much more pleasant.

I think you could have gone ahead with your upgrades, but as I said before they are less urgent than getting your RAID back to fully redundant status. Taking a full backup sometime around now would also be a good precaution, just in case.
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