is there a way to make a gui with powershell so i can enter data to modify paths, etc.

i would like to have a gui so the user can select the type of computer they want to check/install programs on.
I currently have a working script to install adobe flash silently against a list of computers
but lets say i want to check for teamviewer, firefox, etc
i want the user to be able to simply enter the correct path to check for and then also the path to the install program.
i can do it manually by modifying the code each time but it would be easier with a gui.  Can someone help me.
below is workable code using the command line.

 . Program name: flashinstaller.ps1
 . Author: 
 . Date: 11/4/2015
 . Purpose: See if adobe shockwave/flash is installed. if not then install it silently
 .Version 1
 . Change Log:
 .   Version 1

 # need to connect to each computer in list and need to login as administrator then adminpassword to each pc
 "Flash installer by MIS"
 "Computer to upgrade?"
 "1) Manager" 
 "2) Training"

 $menuselect = read-host "Make a selection 1 or 2"
 switch ($menuselect) {
  1 {
       $arrComputers = Get-Content -Path "C:\pc.txt"  
  2 {
        $arrComputers = Get-Content -Path "C:\train.txt"

 $creds = Get-Credential
 $ErrorLog = "c:\scripterrors.txt"
 foreach ($strComputer in $arrComputers) {
    # check and see if the flash is installed
    # map the network drive

    New-PSDrive -name K -PSProvider FileSystem -Root \\$strComputer\c -Persist -Credential $creds
       if (Test-Path 'k:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash')
            write-host $strComputer " has Flash PLUGIN "
        else {
            write-host $strComputer "does not have FLASH copying files now"
            if ((Test-Path k:\temp) -eq 0) # if the path doesn't exist make it
                      write-host "temp folder doesn't exist"
                      mkdir z:\temp
                      #send files
                      Copy-Item f:\common\share\flash\adobeflash.msi -Destination k:\temp
            if ((test-path k:\temp) -eq 0) # see if the path was made
                    write-host "didn't make the temp dir what happen?"

            &psexec \\$strComputer -u administrator -p secret -s msiexec.exe /i "c:\temp\adobeflash.msi" /q 
			if (Test-Path 'k:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash')
            write-host $strComputer " PLUGIN INSTALLED SUCCESSFULLY "
      Remove-PSDrive  K
       "ERROR with location:  $strComputer" | Add-Content $ErrorLog

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easiest option is to get user input.

try something like:

$suggestedpath = Read-Host -Prompt 'Please input the path (eg c:\test\)'

may be worth a little post processing to check the variable contains a valid path (in case the user enters something incorrectly.)

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