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We have some 2008 r2 virtual domain controllers with a low disk space issue on c drive. Is it possible to extend the C drive and any issues I need to be aware of. The virtualization platform is VMware.

Thanks for your assistance.
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there can be issues with expanding the c drive due to legacy limitations of the disks.
You can do it with 3rd party tools but there is a risk to that so make sure you have appropriate backups.

If the C drive is on a (logical) disk on it's own and there is empty space showing after it in disk management you can try the expand option. more likely to work if the disk is 'dynamic' in windows rather than 'basic' but sometimes cant do it due to pagefile/bootfile limitations.

if you have more than one partition (eg C & D) sharing the same logical disk you are a bit stuck as windows will only allow expansion of the last partition that is next to the empty space.

In that case, third party tools is your only real option, with an element of risk.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
I do not agree. there will be no issue.. done several time in our env.
Parity123Author Commented:
These are virtual machines. The first step is that the virtualization them would expand the disk at their end. The next step would be to extend it from within OS. Third party does not come into play. Am I missing something.
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Do you have the OS's only on C:, and the rest of the data on another virtual disk, like what would be the normal situation?

If that is the case, rather than extending C:, you should rather make sure it is properly managed and cleaned up. C: shouldn't need too much space. First add the "Desktop Experience" feature on your servers. Then add the KB below:

Now if you right click a partition in diskmanagement you should have the Clenup Wizard available which you can run and use to cleanup the disk with. Particularly backups of files that have been replaced via windows updates use a lot of space and can be cleaned up this way. Also delete the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads manually.

That alone should give you plenty of additional space. There are further things you may want to do to cleanup the space, but that depends on the tasks the server does.
Parity123Author Commented:
C drive contains only OS. The current size is 30gb and we want to go to 60gb. We have cleaned up the disk (desktop experience is present) and we currently have less than 3gb free.
30GB should normally be enough.

Is C on a separate Virtual disk from the data, or is the data on the same Virtual Disk and you have partitions?
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
Edit virtual machine .. extend C volume from 30gb to 60 gb.

login to the server.. open disk management .. rescan disk if it does not show newly extended space.. .and then expand it..

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I do not agree. there will be no issue.. done several time in our env.
You should be cautious suggesting it's that simple Haresh. I agree it is simple, and have done it myself in around 50 environments, but we need to be clear about the risks (especially whe the asker specifically asked about potential issues). If this doesn't go to plan you could end up with an unbootable OS. taking a few basic precautions and a backup is good advice.

parity123, Bit disappointed you didn't share the points out a bit, as several experts offered advice and Haresh didn't answer both parts of your original question:
Is it possible to extend the C drive and any issues I need to be aware of
I provided an answer that was very similar to Haresh's answer, and also advised some potential issues.

Third party does not come into play. Am I missing something.
yes, as noted where I advised some potential issues, certain circumstances prevent windows from allowing the partition to be amended. if this is the case, 3rd party disk tools can do the process offline (eg booting to a CD) but there is a risk to this as there always is when using 3rd party tools (even paid ones).
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