Need some help with nVidia GPU and Intel Graphics

Hello- we just purchased some laptops for design work that are of the MSI brand.
Here are the basic Specs:
-nVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 192bit w/3.0GB GDDR5
-Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor (2.6~3.5GHz) w/6M Smart Cache - 4 Cores - 8 Threads
-16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4/2133MHz Dual Channel Memory

My question is how to correctly configure the use of the GPU.  The units have an LED indicator to indicate when the GPU is in use.  The light is on all of the time once pretty much ANY program is opened.  
It should only be on when a certain, graphics intensive program is I am thinking something was setup incorrectly?

I do know how to go into the nVidia control panel and set the PhysX configuration and set the 3D settings for the program that we have that requires the GPU..and I have done that.  My concern is that it is being overused by being used in all programs.  I want to make sure the intel graphics are used for routine programs and that the GPU only kicks in when that specific program is used.

Thanks- Any assistance appreciated!!
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I don't think the NVidia or Intel GPU is selected automatically depending on the use but rather there is normally a button or function key the user would select when he uses the higher performance GPU, or want to use the lower power intensive Intel GPU.
snyperjAuthor Commented:
There is a way to select the NVidia processor to be used for specific applications in the NVidia control panel- which I have done, the problem is that the NVidia GPU appears to be in use all of the time, for all applications, and I don't want that...I want to conserver off it's memory for the one program it is needed.  I am wondering If there is a Windows setting for default graphics card and the user somehow selected the NVidia card instead of the onboard Intel.  I cant find it myself but was hoping someone else might know what I mean?
I believe you can't control this since windows uses the devices on the motherboard by placement /position. The intel would be a chip on the motherboard the nvidia using the pci slot.
Unless you try in bios.
I have the two display adapters on my system and there is nowhere to switch them other than to disable the Nvidia  in device manager and then windows would use the Intel??
2 display adapters
When I built this system where possible I stuck with Gigabyte Brand and my card  Gigabyte Nvidia 680 OC  bundled with the gigabyte  OC  Guru which I use to tweak the Nvidia card
Gigabyte performance toolI think you can get it here but think it helps you.
Performance Tuning the Gigabyte GTX 660 using "Gigabyte OC Guru II"
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs does not offer any settings to change the default display adapter
display advanced
My answer it can't be done.

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