Recycle Bin Corruption Issue

Good Afternoon,

I have a very perplexing issue. I have a new install of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials with 5 attached Win7 machines. I have set up redirected folders for their documents, enabled Access Anywhere so they could work from home if needed.  The server and clients have been running great. The issue started last week with one client machine. After login, an error pops and says "The Recycle Bin on \\server\SharedFolder\Redirected Folders\%user%\" corrupt. Do you want to empty. The error is there for "My Downloads", "My Music", "My Searches", "My Favorites", "My Links". This week, all 5 clients now have the same errors. I have tried many of the solutions listed in this exchange and nothing is working. I am the admin. I am pulling what little hair I have left. Is this a virus or something else.  Should I back up everything and reinstall the server??  Any help or fixes would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I have seen this from time to time and usually after a reboot it goes away but if not I manually remove the recycle bin files from a command prompt with
rd C:\$Recycle.Bin /s/q
and do that for each drive the server has--the server will recreate it on its own. That has resolves it for me in most cases. I would not reinstall the server for this. Are you running any kind of disk management/monitoring software? Are you defragging the drives from time to time?

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Side idea, if the capacity is not enough once reached any files in the recycle must be emptied, until then they just sit in the recycle bin unable to delete anymore.
You could set up the recycle bin to don't move files to the recycle bin, Remove files immediately when deleted.
move files immediately from recycle bin
WRTFDITAuthor Commented:
Lionelmm...I have ran that command on the server for the C:\ and the entire G:\ drive where all of the data is stored. I found another "solution" where someone said to unhide system folders to see $RECYCLE.bin and add CREATOR OWNER and that didn't work either. Will the command work for the entire G drive even if the bins are in separate folders??
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I agree with the setting described by Merete

If that is not the solution, then:

"Should I back up everything and reinstall the server??"

Yes, that will resolve the issue.
WRTFDITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Michael. I was afraid I was going to hear that.

I will try Merete's solution and I will let you know. Thanks for your time.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
rd G:\$Recycle.Bin /s/q and rd C:\RECYCLER /s/q is all I use--there are not separate folders for each user--it is per physical drive
Try using it in safemode..that way you'll also reboot.
WRTFDITAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for all your help. These solutions solved the issue. I also had to change some of the permissions on the individual folders.  The folders that were affected only had "Administrators" inside. I copied the permissions from the working folders and voila...fixed. Thanks again everyone. This exchange is great.
Well done and very good to hear.
Thank you glad it helped
have a great week end.
Regards Merete
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