Nvidia Windows Kernel driver V347.52 has stopped working---My system freezes


I have a Win7 Pro 64 bit, sp1 system that I built in 2011. For the last two days my system will freeze; no mouse, no keyboard access and the only remedy is a hard stop--happened 7 times over 48 hrs.  One of the times that it froze it came back on its own and  I did get a little message bubble in the tray stating that 'Nvidia Windows Kernel driver V347.52 has stopped working and restarted....'  so I've been researching that as a possible issue that is causing my problem.

Here's a partial spec list if you need more let me know:
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R MOBO
Intel i7-950 Bloomfield CPU
3, Asus GeForce GT430 GPUs,
6gb (2x3) Corsair XMS3  DDR3, 1333 RAM
6, ASUS VS Series VS198D-P 19" 5ms LED, Widescreen LCD  Monitors (added last year)
650W PSU SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold

The Programs that I use that seem to trigger the freeze:
Think or Swim trading platform with about 12 charts running, each with at least 2 studies, a bloated excel file for data and BSR 6 screen recorder that I use to record the trading day.

Here's what I've done so far:
I checked for new GPU drivers and the ones I have are up to date

I checked my temps and they all seem fine:  CPU cores av 48C, 1 SSD/3, 7200 RPM HDDs av 28C, GPUs av 30-40C depending on load.

Then I blew out the entire case, (I had just done this last week so no so dusty), took out each GPU dusted and oiled the fans.

I also went into the Nvidia control panel and set the Power Management to 'Prefer Maximum Performance', based on this article:  

 When I turned on the system and began working with the three programs that I use daily, so far after 2.5 hours I've had no freezes.

The problem is that I've spent tons of time researching this online and no one really had a definitive solution and while so far so good with the bit that I've done, it would be a potentially serious situation if this were to  happen during a trade.  I'm hoping that you folks may either have 'THE' solution, or can instruct me on other things to check/try to once and for solve the problem.

Thanks in advance,
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You can try if going back to an older driver release helps. I can't use anything newer than 332 on my W10.

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why did you oil the fans of the GPU's?  were they not running fine?
if so, better repalce the fans; oiling will only last a couple of months
AnaB29Author Commented:
Hi Nobus,

I oiled the GPU fans because they where whining-- a soft whirr whirr whirr sound, not their usual silence.  Since I oiled them AND changed the power settings in Nvidia, I've had my system on and recording for the last 18 hours and no freezes.  Without really knowing for sure since I took both remedies at the same time, I'm willing to bet that it was the power mode adjustment that solved the problem since the only error I got was associated with the GPUs.

Thanks for the tip on the fans though.  In my searching on how to clean and oil them, I also found out that my 120 mm CoolerMaster sleeve bearing fan attached to my 212 Plus CPU cooler has been running for more than 40K hours.  Even though it seems to be working fine and has not exhibited signs of distress yet, I think I will change it out too, as 40K hours is the estimated lifespan of such a model and I don't want to risk an overheating situation with the CPU.

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i never change parts before they show a reason to change them - unless you're in a critical environment

if you actually hear the fans - it means they start to wear out in the bearings, so better replace them
but you've earned a couple of monthes for that now  -lol
AnaB29Author Commented:
Thanks Qlemo and Nobus for your input.  

26 hours now and system still running without freezing.  If it does occur again I will try the tip of reverting to a previous driver.

tx for feedback ana
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