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Hi, I want to start a sort of portal from my website. We sell meals for people with health issues.

The portal that people could go to for free would be set up sort of like, with categories for each type of diet, and lots of articles for each. I wouldn't even make it live until we had at least four articles for each category.

I hope you know what I mean - it would be great information(we have a registered dietitian onsite), interesting articles, and hopefully would get some attention SEO-wise.

My question is, what's the best way to set it up so it would also reflect well on our main site, so the main site could get some extra SEO juice from the portal? Thanks in advance.
Melody ScottAsked:
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Do you have new site working or you ask what CMS could be best for your type of site?
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
No, I only have the old site working. I am asking what is the best way to cross-link the two sites from an SEO standpoint. If you can recommend a CMS, that would be good, too. Thanks.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
Would it be better to have the new site on a different server, and use it to link back to the main site? Or would it be better to have them on the same server?

What is the best way to set two sites up so that the new site benefits the old site in terms of SEO?
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greetings mel200, , The current state of the major Search Engines and the way they sort and "Rank" the Links in their search lists for a topic entry, is very very complex, and under development , changing somewhat from time to time. There are hundreds of peoples "Opinions" on ways to improve search engine optimization all over the web, I have read some, and they can vary greatly in their recommendations for SEO. Search engines now read all of the words on a web page and use a computer analysis to find , sort and save the word "Phrases" , on that page to use in matching to a topic search. They also factor in the number of weekly "Hits" to that page , and other domains number of "Links" to your web page, to move that page up and down in the rank position, and use many, many other factors also. So there are likely no one size fits all, recommendations to use for SEO.

It is my opinion that to have your "information portal from my website" in the same Domain Name, as your main Meals site, could be best for SEO, or at least a sub-domain of your Domain Name. That way to the SE analysis the two are in the SAME site, and are related. So you can use the Same server.
As far as I can say, you need to First build your meals and info sites, to be effective and "Easy" to use on a phone and tablet, , , ,,,   because a Good site Build for user no-trouble ordering of your products (meals), will increase your profits, much more than any time you spend on SEO.
My view is that for SEO, you must have the words you need-want in SE analysis for a topic sort, somewhere on that page, like have the phrase "meals for health issues", on the page or in the page title. On your information portal pages always have the words of your unique "Company Name" from your meals site, so the SE analysis will have that in it's topic word list.

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try wordpress.
You can host as many sites as you want on single server. The usual problem is to sufficiently isolate them security and performance wise.

I would say wordpress is better fit for your site given brief description than drupal.
Melody ScottAuthor Commented:
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