Powershell Resolve list of IP to host name


I have a list of IP addresses (around 400 IP addresses)  that I need to find the host name.
The script I have right now is

Get-Content C:\IP_Address.txt | ForEach-Object {([system.net.dns]::GetHostByAddress($_)).hostname >> c:\hostname.txt}

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But this is not getting the results of what I want. That code will only output the host name if the IP address is valid. Some IP addresses are not valid. This gives me a hard time trying to find out what is what.

Is there a way to have powershell resolve ip to host name and find out which user last used that workstation? Is it possible to out put it in this format?

Client Address                                         Host Name                                               User                                                   Computer 1                                                                 ssmith                                                   Cannot resolve hostname                                        bjohn

Here is what I was able to find

I'm trying to do the opposite of that.

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Can you try the following code please.

$strLogfile = "c:\hostname.txt"
ForEach ($sIP in Get-Content C:\IP_Address.txt)
  try {
    $sHostname = ([system.net.dns]::GetHostByAddress($sIP)).hostname
    Write-Host "INFO|$($sIP)|${sHostname}"
    Out-File -FilePath $strLogfile -Append -Encoding ASCII -InputObject "INFO|$($sIP)|${sHostname}"
  } catch {
    Write-Host "ERROR|${sIP}|Cannot resolve IP-address"
    Out-File -FilePath $strLogfile -Append -Encoding ASCII -InputObject "ERROR|${sIP}|Cannot resolve IP-address"

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xouvangAuthor Commented:
Thank you that code is similar to the one I was working and modified

get-content C:\ip.txt | foreach-object{
if($? -eq $False) {add-content -path C:\IP.csv -value "$_,Cannot resolve hostname"}
elseif($? -eq $True){add-content -path C:\IP.csv -value "$_,$a"}

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I guess I'll go ahead and make another script to get last logged users.
You're welcome. Thanks too and good luck.
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