Mouse freezing

ON a Win 8.1 on a HP 64 bit, I have two wireless mice that will not work.  This problem came on gradually, with intermittent freezes and / or no show mice.  They have quickly progressed to no movement at all.  Both work fine on another pc with win 8.1.

I have attached a wired mouse and it has worked reasonably well.  It does have times when it freezes but usually can get it going by hitting the right click.

I have installed new drivers; both up to date Logitech and Microsoft Set Point drivers.  I have uninstalled mouse drivers and restarted with no change.  I have changed USB ports.  I have scanned for virus with nothing found.

This client plays a lot of on line poker.  I've researched articles about mouse problems with some games and a special patch to correct the issue on a Win 8.1.  And tried that patch but it did not make a difference.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAsked:
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Just checking the obvious, have you tried fresh batteries?
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Yes.  A couple different times.  They are all good batteries.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
try doing a system restore, to a time when it was working properly, if that works although you scanned for malware maybe it may be something your malware scanner missed. It is strange it works fine in another computer and not in this one only.
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Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Will try the system restore route on Saturday.  Will be busy all day tomorrow.  Thanks.  I'll let you know what happens.
i would update all the drivers for thet mobo
what model is it?  or pc model ?

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I would again check for malware and Viruses. Poker sites are typical for being infected with such stuff and are common ways to getting infected. Many processes running in the background can also commonly cause mouse sluggishness, so disable processes that aren't needed.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
nobus.  I willl check mobo drivers on Saturday.  Sorry, didn't pick up the HP model number.  But it is an HP Desktop, about two years old.  Plays poker everyday for 3 to 4 hours.
rindi, I checked process at Task Manager and it was running about 75, Memory and CPU seemed reasonable for the situation.

Will follow up on Saturday.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Set up a new, test Windows User Profile (Account). Log into the new account and test the mouse in the new account. If it works in the new account, then the current profile has been damaged.
i wonder if such sites would allow virus/malware - they would  risk loosing lots of money
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
John hurst.

I have been wondering about the corrupted profile myself and will give that a try as well.

I should be able to get to it this afternoon, and I'll let you all know.

Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
I'm sitting at the client's PC dealing with the erratic mouse problems.  I've run Malwarebytes again with nothing significant showing.  I've signed in with a new profile, and changed USB ports,

right now the wireless mice do not work at all.  The wired mouse works very erratic.  

If you have any suggestions in the next hour I would appreciate your suggestions.  I'll be monitoring EE account.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What kind of wireless mouse?  USB wireless?  It could be the little USB bug that is defective (not any installation to any I have seen). Is it Bluetooth wireless?  Is Bluetooth functioning.

The wired mouse works very erratic.

I would try starting with a bootable CD (Ultimate Boot CD or Knoppix) and see if the erratic behaviour continues. Yes = computer hardware issue; No = operating system corruption.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
I'm running Avast boot scan right now. I'll run the ultimate boot cd next.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Boot scan pulled 2 PUPs.  I'm on Windows 8.1 trying to boot to UBCD and can't get it to boot to the disk.  On 8.1, how do you do that?  U

Using F12, F1, F2 gets me to a Win 8.1 diagnostic selection of system restore, system repair plus select the device.  I select the CD/ DVD and it boots to the normal Windows 8.1 screen.

How do you do that?

At the moment the wired mouse is working better, not perfect, but better.
You have to disable secureboot within the BIOS. The UBCD itself though (unless you are going to load PartedMagic) won't help much, as the tools are DOS based and don't use the Mouse.

Did you run Malwarebytes in safe or normal mode? All antimalware and AV tools should always be run in normal mode, except if they don't run in that mode. A lot of viruses and malware isn't detectable in safe mode. Particularly malwarebytes makes a point of running it in normal mode.
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
An update:  Spent 3 hours on Sunday with this and no success.

Again,  I have two wireless mice, Logitech and Microsoft, and an old HP wired mouse that don't work on a HP desktop running Windows 8.1.  All three work on a second laptop running 8.1.

This was a very progressive situation.  It started in early July with mouse freezes.  Switched mice to the Microsoft mouse and it worked fine for a while and then started freezing.  Both are now totally froze and cannot make them move at all.

Started diagnosing using an old wired mouse and it works some, but not completely.  Some points it freezes as well.

Updated drivers, changed all  mouse settings to default, scanned for virus problems with Malwarebytes and Avast boot scan. And yes, changed batteries.  Mice freeze  in normal and safe mode and on a command screen.  Changed USB ports for the mice dongles.  Uninstalled and reinstalled mouse drivers using PandP.

My suspicion is the user is a heavy on-line poker player.  Except the other laoptop is at the same poker site and all the mice work fine.

I'm open to any ideas on how to fix this one.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Did you try booting with a bootable CD to determine if (as I think likely) the operating system has been corrupted.

My suspicion is the user is a heavy on-line poker player.

Reinstall Windows, set it up, ensure it works and then make a complete backup before  handing back to the user.
try from another user account
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
Nobus I did most of the Sunday work from my personal Microsoft account. Made no difference. Dan
is the keyb/mouse receiver very close to the mous/keyb ? or rather far ?
moving can help , and so does increasing / diminishing the distance
Dan EckertPC repair for seniorsAuthor Commented:
After several visits I got a partial wired mouse working.  Tried all of the above and none fixed to my total satisfaction, but it works... for how long, who knows.

Thanks for the help.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and you can always post back if you further issues.
when an OS gets bugged - often the last step is the only good one : fresh install
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