Windows software to automatically split PDF files into matching folders


We got a bunch of PDF files (250), all multi-pages.
The filename of each PDF file match an order number (e.g. 75610.pdf).

We have been told that each PDF file need to be split into single pages and saved in a folder named the order number (e.g. 75610).

So far we have been using an online service to split a single multi-page PDF file, save as zip, then browse to folder, extract zip, create new folder, rename folder with order number (original filename) and move the single-page PDF files into the new folder..... I know, what a waste of time.

Do you guys know a software that can automate the process?

 - Batch split PDF files, create folders matching the original filenames, save the pdf files into the new folder.
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Tom ChadaraviciusSenior DeveloperCommented:
We've used a Linux suite to do this (split and sort PDFs) within a scope of OCR project ( )
Reading PDF is a matter of free licensing, so I can also create a Windows application to read, split and sort PDFs pretty quickly - in about a day.
Other experts will perhaps recommend other equally good, "out of the box" applications.
Med venlig hilsen,

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We use Acrobat 11 ("XI")  together with
The capabilities it has will be able to sort of record a macro of actions and then use a batch to start that macro on files in a defined folder. Might be your solution. Both have trials.
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To Batch split PDF files as requested my solution is correct.
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McKnifeCommented:, too. Surely, mine would mean he needs to buy acrobat, too, while Michael's can do without.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I have written many programs that split PDFs into separate files and/or store PDFs in separate folders and/or rename PDFs and/or add suffixes to PDF file names (which would be a good way to handle the splitting in your case, such as 75610_page001.pdf,75610_page002.pdf, 75610_page003.pdf, etc.). None of my existing programs does exactly what you want, but it certainly would be possible to build one that does.

The operation would be automated, processing all of the PDFs in a specified source folder and creating the subfolder structure (75610, 75611, 75612, etc.) underneath a specified (root) destination folder. The program could be initiated by a graphical interface and/or a command line interface (the latter suitable for inclusion in a batch file).

There are other program specs that would have to be discussed, such as:

What to do with the source files? Leave them in the source folder? Move them to a specified "already processed" folder?

What to do if the specified root folder doesn't exist? Create it? Display an error and exit?

What to do if the subfolder (such as c:\rootfolder\75610\) already exists? Use the existing subfolder? Display an error and exit? Display an error and continue with the next source file?

What to do if the new split file (such as c:\rootfolder\75610\75610_page001) already exists? Overwrite it with a warning? Overwrite it without a warning? Don't overwrite it, display an error and exit? Don't overwrite it, display an error and continue with the next page?

How to specify the split file names? Hard-coded, such as 75610_page001 or 75610-p001 or 75610_0001? Allow a naming convention to be specified, such as a printf spec?

There could be more issues on the path to a complete, robust solution for you, but those are some thoughts off the top of my head. Regards, Joe
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