Outllok: Calender appointments don't update after importet from PST

Moved 50 users from on-premis exchange to Office365.
Used "export to PST, set up new profile, import from PST" solution on individual pc's to achive best import-to-office365 speed.
Se that all calender appointments that have been created through Invite function now have the added Copy: in front,
And don't recive updates made to the meeting.
Have found a VBA script that should be able to remove the word copy: in front, but no help if they are still not reciving updates.

Any one that have a solution to this problem. How to make the appointments "updateable"

Outlook 2010SP2

Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAsked:
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Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Update: Only way I have found to fix this is to:
1 start up old outlook profile,
2 Connect an ampty PST file, and create a calender folder.
3 MOVE all calender apointments to new PST file.
When opening this PST file the apontments don't have Copy: in front.

Now I could try to import to new profile, choose not to import duplicates.
Now I would have only duplicates of invited meetings. ! with Copy: and without.
Could then listed calender appointments and deleted all with names started with Copy:.

Long but pisible road.
Only fear is doing this would result in 100's of invites on old and new apointments were sent again.
The "copy" would lead me to the fact, that you havn't moved the original items but have created a copy of the item. The copy may not be connected to the original appointment anymore (as it gets a new identifier), therefore you do not get updates anymore.
If you get an update for an appointment, Outlook needs the identifier to recognize, to which items it belongs to. A copy is a new item with a new identifier.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, we used export to PST, set up new profile and import from PST.
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As I understood, it worked with a separate PST file, but not with the export?
Have you had a look into the exported PST files? Do you have also "Copy" trailers in the exported file?
I'm just wondering because this was a common way in earlier times to make cross domain migrations. Fort the older Exchange servers there was a tool for migration, what did exacly the same, to create PST files and to import them into the new system.

Are you sure, you export into an empty PST file?
I just exported my calendar into a pst file, changed the name to a non existing file name and do not see any "Copy"  in the subject.

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Ups sorry....
Yes you are right, just opened the wrong folder...
The Appointments with invitations have a Copy trailer....
What is your version of Exchange (on premise)?
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
It's 2008.
No it's to late to re-do the job. They are working on new solution now. Was hoping to be able to run a fix of some sort.. But thanx for tributing
You are welcome...
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