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Hi Folks
The attached Workbook 'CDR' requires Code to import data from another Workbook titled 'UKDR'.

I have placed notes in CDR to show my requirement.

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VBA can of course do it, but it is also possible to do with formulas.
See workbook.
The used path should automatically adjust, as long as both workbooks are in the same folder.
It will also work with the UKDR workbook closed, but faster when open.
I have set it to use 200 rows in UKDR.
If there are many rows in UKDR, calculation speed can be improved by making a column for the row specification, so the row search in UKDR is only done once per row in CDR.

The data in UKDR is initially copied and pasted from a csv file.
Then it would be much better to import the csv file into a sheet in the CDR workbook, and then reference the imported range in the formulas.
Excel automatically adjust ranges in formulas when new data is imported.

Upload a csv file and I will set up the import and the formulas, if you want that.


Hi Ejgil
Thanks for the reply.
Given the data in CDR Cols A : BN is updated daily ie cleared and new data brought in I think it will be okay to use formulas as you have done here.

I doubt the maximum number of rows required would ever exceed 1400 so it is not a huge workload for the Workbook.

I like your idea of placing the UKDR sheet in the CDR file itself so I will place a sheet and the data in the CDR file and upload it again. The data in the UKDR sheet will also be cleared and updated daily.

The data on the UKDR sheet is not a csv import.
Use the text file import wizard to import the data from the csv file.
To update, select a cell somewhere in the data area, right click and select update.
If the csv file name is always the same, you can update on file open, right click and use settings to set when to update, ask for file name etc.
Change the range references in the formulas on the AAA ALL sheet to UKDR data from row 2 to the last row in the data.
Then Excel will automatically change the reference to the actual data range at update.

If CDR data A:BN also comes from a csv file, then import that the same way, and change the settings to update formulas in columns to the right.


Many thanks Ejgil.

The advice and formulas provided will enable me to continue with my project.


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