Pressure/Temperature conversion formula's for refrigerants

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Dear all,

I'm searching for the Pressure/Temperature conversion formula's for refrigerants.
I googled it already for  more than 5 hours but can not find what i'm looking for, all i can find are app's or add-in's that doesn't work.

Does somebody here know of existing spreadsheets to convert refrigerant pressure into temperature?

Thanks in advance
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Here is one:

This gives the pressure required to keep the refrigerant liquid as a function of temperature.  That is some of the data you need to design a refrigerator.

But there is no absolute conversion between pressure and temperature.  At any particular pressure, a refrigerant can take on a wide range of temperatures.  What exactly are you trying to do?


Thanks for the fast response.

I'm creating an Inspection sheet tool for our technicians in excel.

When our technicians perform an inspection or maintenance, they have to input all there measurements in the excel file and a report in pfd will be printed.

To reduce the inputs (to gain time), I want all the required values that can be calculated, to be calculated and automatically filled in.

So they will have to fill in the low (suction) and high (Discharge) pressure measured, and based on the filled in pressures and type of refrigerant, i want the evaporating and condensation temperature automatically be calculated and filled in.
My thermodynamics is very rusty, but I don't believe you can calculate the temperatures in a cooling system based on pressures alone.  

The number of variables required to describe the operation of a complex cooling system would include
the temperatures and pressures of the refrigerant at each stage  of the process, as well as the mass flow rates, ambient temperatures, and input power.  I can't imagine any reason to not take data if it is available.

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