Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner after changing SSL cert to .com from .local

We successfully updated our SSL cert for exchange 2010 to a from the exchange.domain.local

Mail is flowing. and I believe we took all the internal DNS and Exchange updates.

but I am getting the reverse dns does not match error when looking us up on

Not sure why
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If your ssl certificate is, then the smtp banner for the ehlo/helo response *should* also be  At this point, you would contact your isp and have them update the reverse dns of your external ip so that it also matches

ParisBPAuthor Commented:
the external address has always been.

the internal was exchange.local

not sure what the isp should be updating
What ehlo/helo response do you get from a telnet session to your Exchange server?  For Windows Vista and above you *need* to ensure that you have the 'Telnet Client' feature installed.Capture.JPGOnce this installed then you would do the following:

1. Open an administrative command prompt.

2. Type in [b]telnet[/b] and press enter.


3. Type [b]open <exchange server address> 25[/b] and press enter.

I have an internal cname for mail that points to my exchange server.Capture.JPG

4. Type [b]ehlo[/b] or [b]helo[/b] and press enter.

Hello response should match what is reported by your external ip address (which in turn should also match the ssl certificate).Capture.JPG
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ParisBPAuthor Commented:
ehlo produces the exchang.local address.
not the which is the ssl
Not a problem.  You can update your SMTP banner by doing the following:

Open a powershell console on the Exchange server:
Set-ReceiveConnector "Default Frontend server" -Banner "220"

Open in new window

Where is the A record that you have registered externally for your mail server; e.g.

ParisBPAuthor Commented:
ok that is giving me an error stating exchange.local could not be found on our DC??
What is the exact error message?  Could you possibly post a snippet or screen cap (make sure to remove any sensitive information)?

ParisBPAuthor Commented:
Sure thing and thanks
the operation couldn't be performed because the object "exchange.domain.local \default frontend server couldn't be found on dc.domain.loccal
I think I see the error, use the Get-ReceiveConnector command in order to display all of your receive connectors.  Then try using the Set-ReceiveConnector command with the Identity as presented by the Get-ReceiveConnector command.

You will recognize the connector you need to modify by looking at the Bindings column and identifying the connector(s) using port 25; e.g. -Capture.JPG-saige-
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
get-receiveconnector gives me

exchange\default (25)

I then run
set-recevieconnector "exchange" -banner "220"

and I still get the object exchange.domain.local\exchange cannot be found on dc.domain.local
categoryinfo   :Not specified (0:int32)
Try this instead:
Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity "Exchange\Default" -Banner "220"

Open in new window


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ParisBPAuthor Commented:
Its not the commands. I am still getting cannot be found on DC... but dns and AD shows exchange.local

I can ping it from the dc
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
fullyqualifiederroid: a34f1af1
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
going over the telnet commands.. I can
telnet with

when I do an ehlo if gives me

ParisBPAuthor Commented:
Finally got this to work.
Glad you got it resolved.  What did the hang-up turn out to be?

ParisBPAuthor Commented:
added another receiver connector, as we couldn't update the default one.
Most likely that was the error that we were getting..
I appreciate the help. you definitely helped us corner it.
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