need to save documents to standard tiff files

i have a user taking and saving to tiff using the pdfcreator print save option
when she opens up the tiff in another program it sees it as a key tiff
what is a key tiff and how can i make it where it saves it as a standard tiff file?
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> pdfcreator

There are many programs that go by the name PDFCreator or PDF Creator. Which one are you talking about?

> what is a key tiff

I'm not aware of a universal definition of a "key TIFF" file. The "key" may simply be a tag that is stored in a proprietary header.

> print save option

What program is she doing a "print save" from?

In essence, are you looking for a print driver that can "print" (save) to a standard TIFF file? Regards, Joe

"when she opens up the tiff in another program it sees it as a key tiff"

What is the other program?

Is there a reason for saving a document as .tiff?
bbimisAuthor Commented:
imagenow and it has to be saved as a tiff so it can be annotated
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> imagenow and it has to be saved as a tiff so it can be annotated

PDFs can be annotated these days. Adobe Reader XI was the first version of the free Adobe reader with annotation capability, and now the free Adobe Reader DC also has it. In addition, many other free PDF readers/viewers have been able to annotate PDFs for years. Here are three excellent ones that can do it:

(1) Foxit Reader:

(2) PDF-XChange Editor:

They also have a PRO (non-free) version, but I think you'll find that the free version does everything you need.

(3) Nitro Reader:

All of that said, if you still want to be able to annotate TIFFs, please answer my earlier question: which PDFCreator program are you talking about? Regards, Joe

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Ideas for opening a .tiff file.

But try saving the file as .pdf and opening with Acrobat Reader or something similar.

Joe Winograd beat me by less than two minutes while I was typing.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I haven't heard back from you on which PDFCreator you mean, but I'll guess that it's this one from pdfforge:

If so, I just tested its print/save function to a TIFF file. The file it created is attached and it loaded fine into everything I tried it with, which was IrfanView, MS Paint, MS Picture Manager, and (nothing about a "key TIFF" came up). Perhaps you're talking about a different PDFCreator or maybe you're running an old version of the pdfforge product. The one I tested that worked fine is the latest stable release — 2.2.1, 2-Oct-2015 — available at the link above. Regards, Joe
bbimisAuthor Commented:
i think it has more do with our document imaging software which is Preceptive Software Imagenow. Thanks for your help but I will look for another solution on this.
Not sure how to reward points since not really a solution so can a Mod take care of this. Thanks!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Yes, it could certainly be a problem with ImageNow. I worked in the high-end document management/imaging arena for 20 years and competed with them occasionally — I never had a high regard for their software, but then, I was a competitor. :)

Mods are not going to take care of this, unless you neglect closing it, which is not a good idea. Askers should close their own questions. There are some good suggestions in here from jcimarron and me, which could be valuable to other EE members with a similar, if not identical, issue, so it would be nice to have this one in the PAQ. I recommend picking the posts you like the best and assigning the points accordingly. Regards, Joe
Nice of you to think about awarding points even though the issue is not solved.
Here is a guide on closing a thread.
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