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Excel VBA Save as

Taking the easy way out and asking you smart peeps :-)

I have a variable in VBA called "filename"  
The filename value will be something like  "Bob blah blah 10.15.xlsm"... But it might be a .xls file, either way the file extension is already part of the variable.

What i want is to save as    filename (without extenstion)  &  "More Words Here" & filename (only the original extension)
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Sorry, was out for a long weekend :-)

Trying this today and bet it works!
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Works perfect!

I converted it to one long string to use as the filename to save an updated copy of an exisiting/open file.

Left(filename, InStrRev(filename, ".", -1) - 1) & " - NEW ADDITION TO FILE NAME" & Right(filename, (Len(filename) - InStrRev(filename, ".", -1)) + 1)

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Delivering excellent results, as usual!
Thanks Ray.. Always happy to help.. :-)