How can I suppress a page in Mailmerge on condition of an Excel value ?

Hi Experts,

I have a Word document consisting of two pages (an Invoice, and a Balance Statement) which I use to MailMerge invoice data from an Excel worksheet. It works fine, generating both pages for each Excel row.

However, I would like it to only create the Balance Statement (the second of the two pages) if the value in a 'Balance Due' field in the spreadsheet exceeds £500. is it possible to suppress a page in Word MailMerge ?

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You can use an IF field.

Show the formatting marks with the Show/Hide (¶) button and show the field codes using the Alt+F9 toggle. Select the page in question, and hit Ctrl+F9. This will embed the page in a pair of field delimiters that look like curly brackets. Put a set of double quotes just inside each of the brackets. In draft view it should look something like this:

{ "................Page Break.................¶
Balance Date: { MERGEFIELD BalanceDate }¶
Balance Due: { MERGEFIELD Balance_Due }" }¶

Just inside the first field delimiter insert IF , the 'balance due' Mergefield and the test, so that it now looks like this:

{ IF { MERGEFIELD Balance_Due } > 500 "................Page Break.................¶
Balance Date: { MERGEFIELD BalanceDate }¶
Balance Due: { MERGEFIELD Balance_Due }" }¶

You can revert to showing field results with Alt+F9, but the mergefields in the IF field will not be visible.

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TocogroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help Graham.

I followed your instructions up to the point where I embedded the page within curly braces but without adding the IF{MERGEFIELD statement.

{ "................Page Break.................¶

I then tried the MailMerge to confirm that it would still work with the curly braces. But it didn't ! It didn't generate the second page at all.

Why is this ? Does it need the IF statement to print the second page ?

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TocogroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the excellent solution Graham. I got it to work eventually - the spaces were important !

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