2010 Mercury Mariner TCS and ABS light came on at the same time

We just bought a used 2010 Mariner from a dealer and have had it for 3 weeks. The TCS and ABS light just came on at the same time. When you first start the car and drive off it sounds like the the front brake pads are "clanking" up agains the roter, ( for no better way to describe it) after you drive off its ok but every now and then the ABS will kick in and pulse the peddle for no reason.

Before I take it to a dealer and pay a ton of money, I am looking for some suggestions to try to fix like a sensor or fuse. I've had good luck here on the Extange in the past. I got this for my daughter to drive to college. She's here with the car now.
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"We just bought a used 2010 Mariner from a dealer and have had it for 3 weeks."

Surely the dealer gave you some warranty period to return it for free repair?

"front brake pads are "clanking" up agains the roter"

Worn out pads or rotors, pads clogged with debris, you will need to remove wheels and inspect them.

A pulsating brake pedal usually means a warped rotor and / or rotor runout.
Runout can be measured with a dial indicator, warpage usually has telltale glazed or discolored patches on the rotor.
Some pedal feedback and noise is normal during sudden stops or when braking on wet or slick surfaces.

"I am looking for some suggestions to try to fix like a sensor or fuse."

Sorry nothing that simple in this case.


Pads if worn out are easy to replace but worn pads usually come hand in hand with worn and warped rotors, if thats the case then it will need professional repair.

Just in case you have a handyman, handy,  watch this youtube.

"How to Replace Front Brakes, Pads and Rotors"
Take the front wheel off and see how thick the pads are. Our brake light came on and we heard scraping and replaced the pads ourselves and the light went off.

On a used car they can not guarantee that your pads will be 5/32 inch thick or 3/8 thick or whatever.

Check up on the lemon laws in your state. They may have one like we do. Then take it back to the place where you bought it and tell them the issues. With a lemon law over their head you won't get a new car but you might get them to pay to have your brake light issues fixed by a mechanic friend they know which may cost them very little.
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the answers. I always hope for the easy solution. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes not!
But, would the traction control system light come on and stay on if the rotors were worn?
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This is not for your vehicle but the principal should be the same.

"I've encountered this before on my old Jetta. Both of these systems (TCS and ABS) work using a signal from wheel speed sensors that are generally mounted on or near the brakes. They're usually about the size of a roll of pennies. If they're gooped up, bent out of alignment, unplugged or the wires are damaged they will send a "no-spin" signal to the computer, telling it to activate the ABS (that pulsing you're feeling in the brake pedal) as well as cause all sorts of errors in the traction control module. That seems to be the most likely source of failure.

If you determine that one or more of the sensors are faulty, check your local auto parts store for replacements or rockauto.com. The dealer should be your last resort buying parts since they mark up their parts 100-500%.

Fixing the sensor(s) may not make the lights go away. You'll have to take it to an authorized GM repair shop or dealer to have them reset the computer modules for the ABS and TC."

"would the traction control system light come on and stay on if the rotors were worn?"

Yes and no,
the ABS traction control system light will come on and stay on because the safety of your brakes condition is monitored by the computer sensors of the ABS.

Any irregular ABS control movement caused by wear in pads, rotors, or vibration will trigger the traction control system light to come on and stay on until serviced and reset by a qualified service technician.
If you service / replace pads and rotors yourself, and then remove the battery + cable for several minutes the sensors will reset and the traction control system light will stay off until triggered by a new fault in the ABS system.

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artismobileAuthor Commented:
Ok, thank you.
All good supportive answers. (Guess the reason I have been a member on this list for a long time)
My daughter's first car she saves for. We shop around and drive as many as we can and settle on one where the brakes go out in 3 weeks. I've changed rotors and brakes before but as I get older, my skill level does too.

I'm going to read all these suggestions and see what I can do before I decide where to take it. At least this gives me an idea of how much things can cost.
Is there no dealer warranty?
Good Luck

Glad to help.
artismobileAuthor Commented:
Only on the drivetrain and that's limited.
Thank you .......... and also for asking an interesting question
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