How do I properly setup Back to My Mac on an Apple Time Capsule?

We have an Apple Time Capsule that we use as a wireless router in our small office network. We have an external hard drive with files that are shared across 4 computers on our network connected via USB to the Time Capsule.

Before we began renting out an office space, I had a similar setup at home and had Back To My Mac enabled with an Apple Airport Extreme.

I was able use my laptop and connect back to my hard drive at home. I'd like the same capabilities when I'm out of the office, using my laptop when I'm not at the office to connect back to the Apple Router to gain access to the external hard drive.

When I try to set up Back to My Mac properly, I never get access back to the drive, the odd thing is if I try to connect back to my iMac using the GO > CONNECT TO SERVER menu from the Finder menu bar, I can successfully connect from outside of the office network. I'm just not sure why I can't connect back to the Time Capsule itself.

I could essentially connect the external HDD to the iMac but then that would mean leaving the iMac on at all times, as opposed to connecting directly to the Time Capsule which remains powered at all times regardless.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Caleb AlonsoAsked:
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I don't think you can do that using Back to My Mac. Back to My Mac requires a computer at both ends to run the Back to My Mac program.

However, you should be able to access the Time Capsule and its attached disk directly over the internet.  Here is how:

Basically, on the Time Capsule use Airport Utility, go to the Disks Tab and check the boxes for "enable file sharing" and "Share Disks Over WAN". Make sure you set a strong password as that is all the stops the bad guys from accessing your disk.

You can the access the disk over the internet using your WAN IP address from the GO Menu in Finder.

Note that you cannot test this from inside your network. It will only work if you are outside your network.
My earlier post may be wrong. Here is a link as to how to use Back to My Mac to connect to a disk attached to your TimeCapsule. This presupposes that your Time Capsule is connected directly to the the internet and is not being used as a secondary router in bridge mode:


1. Open Airport Utility
2. Open Time Capsule Base Station tab
3. Enter your Apple ID and password  in “Back to My Mac”, then wait for activation (less than 1 minute normally)
4. Open Time Capsule Disks tab
5. Check mark “Enable file sharing”
6. Check mark “Share disk over WAN”
7. Supply a strong password.

You can then access the TC by activating iCloud on your Mac. The TC disk should appear in the sidebar of a Finder window in the Shared section. (Make sure to expand it if it is collapsed. If there is no Shared section, go to the Finder prefs, to the sidebar tab and check the appropriate box.)

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Rahul MehtaApple certified TECHNICAL COORDINATORCommented:
An AirPort base station (AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or AirPort Time Capsule) or other Internet router that supports UPnP or NAT-PMP, with the latest available firmware. AirPort base stations require firmware version 7.6.1 or later for Back to My Mac.

A firewall that allows remote connections. Some firewalls might prevent certain Back to My Mac connections.

If you want to access files on a hard drive connected to an AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule, follow these steps to set up Back to My Mac on your base station:

Also note your USB hard drive is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) formatted

Make sure you're on the same local area network (LAN) as the AirPort base station that you want to set up.
From the menu bar, choose Go > Utilities and double-click AirPort Utility.
Select the AirPort base station that you want to use with Back to My Mac, and click Edit. If you don't see the base station, click Other Wi-Fi Devices to see a list of available base stations. You might need to choose a different Network Interface from the pop-up menu.
Enter the base station password. This password is different from your iCloud password.
Select the Base Station tab.
In the Back to my Mac section, click the + button and enter the Apple ID and password you use with Back to My Mac. You should see a green status indicator showing that Back to My Mac is turned on.
Click Update to save your changes.
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