Windows media player fails to start in windows 10

When I start windows media player it opens the Welcome page then after I select recommended setting and click finish it opens the Welcome page again.  It never starts.
I have run windows media player trouble shooter and it says that setting may be incorrect.  But doesn't give me a way to correct them.
I have un installed and re installed windows media player.  
I have run all of the windows 10 updates.  
I have turned off anti virus.
I have many other media programs installed, but never had problem with this before windows 10 upgrade.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Windows Media Player comes built into Windows 10. It does not need to be installed or uninstalled and lives in Windows Features.

If Media Player shows in Programs and Features, it should not. Uninstall it and restart. Now go back to Programs and Features and ensure Media Player is enabled under Media Features.  If not, enable it and restart again.

Then start it from All Apps in the Start Button.
1. Windows 10 comes with Windows Media Center and not Windows Media Player.
2. Did you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 ?
3. Did you download and install Windows Media Center?

Do a simple search for Media Center to reveal the app installed on your PC.
You can pin it to your Start menu or taskbar for quick access.

4. If you have WMP and want WMC Download Windows Media Center

You may wish to read:
"What is the difference between Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center?"
Some extra tips can be read at

"Here is how to install Media Center on Windows 10"
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toppropsAuthor Commented:
upgraded from windows 7 ultimate.  windows media player is an program that is part of windows features.  There is no windows media center on the computer.  there is a windows media folder on start menu, but no media player there only windows media encoder.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
Clearly from that last link about media center it is not part of windows 10, despite your earlier comments.
I think you miss my question.  The media player is what is installed or uninstalled when you turn off or turn on or off  the media features / media player.  

I'm not interested in windows media center.  I just want the media player to work.

Currently it starts up the Welcome screen where you set the setting.  But when you click finish it just returns to the welcome screen instead of running the program.

and No it is not listed in programs and features.  It is a windows features program or feature.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Click the Start button

Type gpedit.msc  into the search box - hit enter

Wait for the GP Editor to open

Navigate to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Media Player

"Do not show first user dialogue boxes"

Suspect you will find this is set as 'Disabled' - change to 'Enabled'

(Highlight the GP setting listed on right pane and then click "Edit policy setting" in the left pane)


WMP should now run normally

It's a bug in importing WMP settings from an earlier version

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open the \AppData\Local\Microsoft directory in your user profile, then delete the "Media Player" Folder. After that try starting Media Player again.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
It is a windows features program or feature  <-- Yes, as I said way back. If it is enabled, and not working (my setup works) then try running System File Checker.

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW twice. Close out, shut down (power off), start up and test. Please let us know.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
John Husrt:  I was referring to Michael-Best who seemed to have wrong information about it being a windows feature.  

But I did run sfc /scannow and no problems were found.

Masq's solution did work though.

Rindi's solution didn't work either.
Please refrain from complaining about us trying to help...

I did say in my post:

"4. If you have WMP and want WMC Download Windows Media Center

I, for one, shall not participate in any of your new questions.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I wasn't complaining.  I was just pointing out that you were on the wrong track and didn't seem to understand the issue.  I was not interested in wmc.  Maybe if you read the questions more carefully.  And fine with me if you don't participate in my questions.
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Since there seems to be some confusion around about media center, I'd like to add:
-one cannot install media center on win10, see ->when you run 10 and click that link, you get a message "Windows Media Center isn't available for Windows 10"
-we cannot keep media center when we have it running on 7 or 8.1 and upgrade to 10
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