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How to retrieve specific JSON records from a AJAX call

I am calling a REST based URL


and it returns the following data (only 2 records are shown for simplicity)


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I am constructing a data table from the records. How to pass specifically the records in the place of the URL. As I understand it is expecting the URL instead of JSON data at line number 12

$(document).ready(function() {
var baseURL = "http://localhost:8080/idt-ws/ver1.0";
var path = "/resources";
var requestURL = baseURL + path;

$.getJSON(requestURL, function(data) {
var table = $('#idt-table').DataTable( {
	"scrollY": "300px",
        "scrollCollapse": true,
        "ajax": {
            "url": data.records,
            "dataSrc": ""
        "columns": [
            { "data": "hostname" },
            { "data": "dbname" },
            { "data": "resname" },
            { "data": "resid" }
    } );

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I created a separate JSON file viz. 'data.json' and replaced it in line number 12, as shown above and it worked, but giving the array 'data.records' in the URL is not working.

Please help
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Pravin Asar
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I think what you are looking is a way to filter JSON result.

You can look at the blog post @, which explains how to use datafilter with jQuery Ajax calls.
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Rainer Jeschor
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Thanks Rainer, it is working  like a champ