Auto focus on a check box on a form

  I have a form with many input field and some checkboxes  and I am  having an issue getting to focus on the checkbox when their is an error.

Here my directive
    .directive('psErrorFocus', ErrorFocus);

 function ErrorFocus($timeout) {
      return {
          restrict: 'A',
          link: function (scope, elem) {
              // set up event handler on the form element
              elem.on('submit', function () {
                  // find the first invalid element
                  var firstInvalid = elem[0].querySelector('.ng-invalid');
                  // if we find one, set focus
                  if (firstInvalid) {

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<form name="forms.confirmForm" ps-error-focus ng-submit="submitForm()">

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When an error occur a class is added to the checkbox

<span class="togglerText ng-binding togglerError" ng-click="element.value.elementAnswer = !element.value.elementAnswer" [b]ng-class="{ 'togglerError': element.value.error }" [/b]style="">
            I am at least 18 years of age.

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How do I change the directive to work for checkboxes.

Thanks for your help
chand pbAsked:
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krishna kishore mellacheruvu venkataCommented:
Can you try something like this in javascript?

if (!$('input[name^=program]:checked').length) {
chand pbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. but the information is create dynamically, No name or ID .
 This is html that is generated

<span class="togglerText ng-binding togglerError" ng-click="element.value.elementAnswer = !element.value.elementAnswer" ng-class="{ 'togglerError': element.value.error }" style="">
            I am at least 18 years of age.

So, I think I have to target the the span in the document and look for toggleError class and then focus. However, I need some help to change the directive to do this,.    I think...

Julian HansenCommented:
As a matter of interest - why are you using a directive for this - you already have an onsubmit handler for the form - why not put your focus code in there?
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Julian HansenCommented:
When an error occur a class is added to the checkbox
But then you post html for a <span> - I am confused?

Where is the code for the checkbox?
@Julian - Fair enough, but how do you suggest I provide the information without infringing copyright? After all the solution I was refering to is in fact the best way of doing it?
@Julian - After reading the entire page there is THIS proviso :-

"Links to that forum are generally acceptable if the post has the accompanying description of the material, and is used to support a suggestion or comment."

which is EXACTLY the case which was "use an event and here's how it is done".
@chand pb

Julian Hansen hasn't replied to my comments for an hour and I want to go to lunch, so I'll try again.

An error occuring is an event, so I'd suggest you use the event system. You write a directive, called say focusOn which sets the focus on an element according to a named event.
app.directive('focusOn', function() {
   return function(scope, elem, attr) {
      scope.$on(attr.focusOn, function(e) {

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You set the attribute on the element like :-
<input type="text" focus-on="error4" />

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where the "error4" is the event name and in you validation code you cause the event when you detect the error

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You can obviously extend the system to include a list of events and "on" each one, and also use it to show error text, say in red, next to the element.

The idea is not mine but stems from Mark Rajcok

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