DVD authoring software recommendation

I have several video files in formats like .mp4 .wmv and .avi. I want to create a DVD with a  menu to allow the user to select the video file they want to see. I am unfamiliar with DVD authoring software.

I would like a recommendation for such software, free or not, by someone who actually is familiar with and has actually used the product they are recommending.

Thank you.
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You didn't mention what operating system you are running but I have alwaya used the free windows dvd maker


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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry - win 7 64 Pro
El FierroNetwork EngineerCommented:
nero video has always worked great for me. easy and straight forward. nero.com
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:

I like VideoPad Video Editor - you can download for free for non-commercial use: http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html

* During installation of this download you will be given the option to install Google® Chrome and closely related programs from the NCH Software suite. These are optional and you can select what you want depending on your requirements.
Also, you can create a DVD, but the free version does not permit you to create an ISO file.
Hi Mark,  since you wish create clickable chapters for personal selection at the main menu
aside from adding video  you can either create your movie first in the free windows moviemaker you then need to create chapters,
With DVD maker when you add more than one video file or a combination of video files  then one scene is created for each video file automatically. .
Keep this in mind as more than 4 video clips will create 4 or more scene selections so it won't stay on one menu page when the dvd opens they will have to turn to page 2 in the main dvd menu.

Windows DVD maker is pretty cool and is simplified with making chapters unlike the dedicated video editors such as Nero Vision 4 which I have and use professional DVD / Powerdirector Ultra x64 which I use/Wondershare DVD maker/RealZeal Soft DVD maker to name a few where I can colour code the clickable link markers and add timings custom buttons etc, windows
DVD maker allows you set the scene and is fine for a free tool for simple DVD menu and well worth using.
with any authoring tool there is always a learning edge for chapter settings  insure the project is set to finalise the DVD or it wont play on any DVD player.

If scenes will do then I concur with windows DVD maker.
You can preview your project at any time when in the background selection area..
When loading your video  contents NOTE!!!
it must not exceed 4.7 gig  look to the bottom of the page where you drag and drop your clips.
 use Verbatim DVD-R  burn slow. at x4.
I buy them in spindles and I buy the clear DVD cases separate slim DVD case

A blank DVD-R is 4.7 I usually keep it around 4.5 to allow space for the lead in an lead out to be burnt, if you overfill the DVD it will become useless..
DVD maker size on discDVD OptionsClick next and you offered the background scene and menu image to use as a front page.
I like the video wall. for a few scenes and also reflections very nice.
This is really cool plays each scene like a small thumbnail at the main menu, you can preview each
click on one
Note at the top to  left PREVIEW and then customise these select scenes etc, use the backspace to go back and select another then preview it and have a look at the scenes
Reflections menuvideo wall menuAlso note burning different video formats to DVD the files are all converted to DVD compliant Vobs (mpeg2) ensure these video have a good video scale as DVD uses if you're in PAL land, 720 x 576, otherwise NTSC 720 x 480
 if you use a video with  a small video scale it may pixelate with DVD format.

Here's the video how to for each tool I mention
How to make a DVD menu free - Windows 7
RZ Soft DVD maker
Create video DVD with cool DVD menu from any movies
Getting Started With PowerDirector
As you know we are here to help with any steps
regards Merete
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