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Windows 10 lock screen slideshow timer settings

I would like to set up a Windows 10 lock screen slideshow with variable timings but cannot do so. I can only set one picture as a lock screen background but thought it should be possible to set up a slideshow of assorted images with say a 1 minute delay between each picture. Can anyone confirm if this is possible? When I look under Lock Screen settings  I can't see anywhere to change timer settings and I think there is something missing.All advice gratefully received.
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Tutorial here: shows how
Edit: no timer settings there, sorry - I will look for it, saw it is possible by registry editing, IIRC.
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Hi McKnife
Thanks for post, I have seen and tried that tutorial. There seems to be no option for adjusting timer options for interval between photos. I'm wondering if it is possible at all or if I have made a mistake and you can only have one picture for the lock screen.
Found nothing. Looked at HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Lock Screen
no timer settings.
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This is about the lockscreen.
Isn't that more or less the same thing? In the screen saver you can also select "On resume, display logon screen", so it would lock the display too.
That's correct, why not do it this way, I agree.
Hi guys
Thanks for comments and solution. I really thought there was a new feature in Windows 10 specifically related to the lock screen which is why I asked the original question. However rindi's solution works well with lock screen.
Ok i followed all thats in here:

and it didnt work.... but, right after it, from PERSONALIZATION -> SETTINGS -> SCREEN SAVER SETTINGS, I chose pictures and select my folder, and of course i waited that 1 minute to see thescreen saver and screen stayed black. After  a few tries on the screen saver i went back to LOCK SCREEN,  (since i had the slideshow option selected this whole time for the Lock Screen) and noticed the part where you select the folder had disapeared. So i changed it back to picture, and back to slideshow until it appeared. and hit Windows+L to lock the screen, and suddenly it worked.

Im afraid it was due to trial and error, but hope it helps :3