Excel 2010 keeps on hanging with "Not Responding" message. None of the suggested solutions (repair or safe mode) have any effect.

Several of my regularly updated spreadsheets hang - always on (auto-)saving, often for no obvious reason. They are not large by 2010 standards, but contain a large-ish number of internal and external (to other spreadsheets) references and formulas. Many of the formulas call my own user-defined VBA functions.

Microsoft Support have tried twice and told me they had solved it - but also to no effect.

Apart from recording the timing of the save events, I can think of no way to diagnose where or how the problem occurs. I have considered external measures such as
adding more RAM OR
upgrading Excel to 2013 or 2016 OR
even upgrading Windows x64 from 7 to 10.
But they involve expense that may not be justified or may just add even more problems!
Brian Hershman(retired)Asked:
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
I am not sure if this applies to your spreadsheets but I came across that same type of issue and it was because we had a corrupted .JPG (company logo picture) on the spreadsheet.  I deleted it from the spreadsheet and the problem went away.  I then re-added the logo and everything was fine.
Brian Hershman(retired)Author Commented:
I wish!! It happens on several very different spreadsheets, each with nothing but data and formulas.
I have seen this happen with corrupted (or buggy) add-ins. Disabling the add-ins solved it for my users, but you already tried safe mode, which should do the same thing.

If you are willing to post/attach one of your spreadsheets, an expert can test it on one of our machines. That would help determine if the problem is with your environment or your spreadsheet.

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Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
Itmay be the calculations and possible the the UDFs. It wouldn'y hurt to use the VBA Code Cleaner on the workbooks. Available free from here
Brian Hershman(retired)Author Commented:
To ThomasMcA2:
Thanks, I will try Roy's suggestion first and will get back to you if it fails.

To Roy
Although my Windows 7 is 64-bit, my Excel 2010 is, fortunately, only 32-bit. So I will try out your Code Cleaner and report back here.
I had much the same problem with an application with 20+ interrelated workbooks and in-house vba code.
If you have any conditional formatting look for errors there.
On my system, upgrading to Excel 2013 increased the problems. Seems as if 2013 is even more unforgiving than 2010.
 I would use VBA to inspect the workbooks for invalid objects: things like Thisworkbook1 and ghost worksheet names (worksheet objects with the same icon as Thisworkbook).
These invalid objects seem to appear when Excel attempts to recover from a crash.
Removing invalid objects and any other errors on the worksheets normally fixes the problems.
Removing all external links to other worksheets by using indirect referencing greatly reduced the tendency to crash.
Brian Hershman(retired)Author Commented:
To J2F: thanks - good ideas. My workbooks tend to have a lot of conditional formatting and have also suffered multiple crashes.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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Brian Hershman(retired)Author Commented:
to ThomasMcA2:
I will find one of the worst-affected workbooks with little or no confidential information. How do I post it to you?
@Brian, it can be attached to this page. There is an "Attach File" link/button right below the area where you type your response.
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