Which Is Better RAID For Hyper-V Host

I ran into a bunch of problems using a bargain basement board for my rack server early this year and it was suggested that I try a SuperMicro instead because of the OS compatibility with Server 2012R2.
Not too great. Many problems but mainly with the raid.
Amazon is about to deliver an Asus Z97-A ATX that seems to suport everthing I need but I have a RocketRaid 2640X4 card in my hand.
Real RAID right? SAS RAID?
Anyway which is better: Onboard Z97-A  RAID or RocketRAID.
Config will be a 3TB RAID 10 using 4 WD drives
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Onboard RAID is fake-RAID and CRAP. The rocket raid is probably better, but I don't know it enough. For RAID 1, and also RAID 10, OS built-in RAID is always much better than fake-RAID, and very often it also beats real RAID controllers, particularly in performance, but also because you can also use disks that aren't necessarily built for RAID, although it is still better to use enterprise class disks.

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Looking at the specs ,those RAID  controllers lack on board cache.
Without cache your disk performance will be lousy.
Get a real RAID controller with battery backed cache.

A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Learning as you go can get expensive.
 I rall think I need to step it up to the cached RAID.
Whats the deal- does the battery hold the cache in a power outage? Or does it prevent data loss like I've experienced so many times from surges and power cycling too fast?
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The battery allows the data to be written back from the to the disks when there is a power failure. But normally you should first look at a UPS if you have power problems. Server should always be behind a UPS.

You should also think of using a real server rather than a desktop board. Real servers usually already have good RAID controllers included, although the cheaper ones will also use fake-RAID controllers. But they also include management tools which allow you to monitor your server's hardware, check the RAID status etc, and HP and Dell also have remote access hardware, so you can manage the server remotely.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
A proper server board would be an Intel S2600CW2 with dual Gigabit or S2600CWT with dual 10GbE.

This is the link to the Configuration Guide (pdf).

I suggest using a proper server board with a server grade RAID controller and the flash "battery" option for the RAID controller.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
That is just AWESOME!
Intel S2600CWTS Server Motherboard - Intel Chipset - Socket R3 (LGA2011-3) - 1 Pack - SSI EEB - 2 x Processor Support - 2 TB DDR4 SDRAM Maximum RAM RAID Supported Controller - On-board Video Chipset - 3 x PCIe x16 Slot - DBS2600CWTS

I wish I had not just spent all this money on this upgrade but I'm getting it.

However, I'm in the process of setting this server up as a host and I do have to say say that I notice an extreme increase in performance after installing the server on the RAID 1/0 on that card.
I wonder if someone on cragslist or something might be interested in buying it...
Who am I kidding? I'll just have 4 servers in my office in my house LOL.

I need a couple of days to put that S2600CWT but I'm really interested in setting up a cluster and experimenting with Disk clustering and I'm about to post a thread on it if you guys are interested in providing some feedback.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Is this a decent alternative? Also do they have something similar with an LG1150 socket that way I can use the one processor that I have if I decided to send that other  board back? I don't think I'll ever achieve 10Gbe with the cable router that I have anyway.

A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Nevermind... Silly question. No good RAID specs
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
If I wanted to comparison shop those boards how would I know to specify the raid controller as my main criteria?
In other words, how did you know to pick those 2 models over others?
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
The S2600CP4 would be four 1GbE NICs on board. That's a pretty good setup (we have lots of 4-port setups out there on various Intel boards).

It's E5-2600 v1/v2 while the one I suggested is v3/v4 (when the time comes the PBA number and BIOS level would need to be referenced for compatibility).

We've been building on Intel Server Systems building blocks for a long time now. We've been very happy with them.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Ok but this board has no onboard raid controller as far as I can see.

If we are looking at no raid controller and old bios then it doesn't seem like a great choice.
Am I wrong on this?
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
There is a "key" plugged into the board to activate RAID at the chipset level that would allow the SATA ports to be used in RAID 5 (I think RAID 6 too).

Any parity RAID setup without cache backup will not perform very well. It's best to purchase a RAID controller RS2BL040 or RS2BL080 with it's battery backup option would be a controller to use and it's relatively cheap out there (OEM XS on eBay is a great source for us).
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
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