Are USB-B to USB-B cables the same as USB-A to USB-B cables?

Hi Folks,

As the subject suggests, I have a device (a Novation Launchkey 25) that has a USB-B output and the provided cable has a USB-A at the other end.  That I can plug into my laptop and all is good.  

However, I also have a Behringer iStudio which has classic midi inputs (round, 5 pin serial) or USB-B, meaning I can't use the keyboard on my Ipad in this configuration (I would have to go via Camera Connector Kit which won't work with iStudio).

I can purchase a USB-B to USB-B cable but before I do I want to know if there are likely to be any problems.

Can anyone help with this?


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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
There are no problems in what you are trying to do.  USB-A are 4 pin cables and USB-B are 5 pin cables.  As long as you have purchased the correct cable, everything should be fine.

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Let's see some pictures:
Novation_1Novation_2Novation_3iStudio_1iStudio_2Which one is yours and how do you want to connect them? What with what?

Page 14 here:
or page 12 here:
shows in user manual how to connect your Novation Launchkey keyboard to iPad.
JesSadOldGothAuthor Commented:
Hi Viki,

Thanks for going to the effort to display all the pictures and to go through the manual for the Launchkey.  I thought I'd put enough information in.

I'm using the Novation_1 above and both iStudio models appear to be equivalent.  The recommended connection from Novation is USB-B female, as pictured, to Apple Camera Connection Kit - I want to bypass that and go into the iStudio instead.

I've had a response from Novation who've said that USB-B to USB-B or Midi is not supported, and to only use their supplied cable, but to perhaps use a powered USB Hub with USB-B as an output.

Thank goodness everything has standardised, eh?


JesSadOldGothAuthor Commented:
Thanks both for spending the time responding.
iStudio is not the same. One is "iStudio" and the other one "iStduio iS202". The connectors on the back side seem the same, but maybe the software/firmware is different.

The  keyboard connection to Laptop or iPad is clear from the user manual found above.
I tried to understand the connections of the iStudio to Laptop and iPad.
I found only the next small user guides:

I think is a question of drivers when is connected either to PC or IPad.
Are you sure is just a plug and play device? I don't think so.
Almost any device based on USB requires drivers.
Then how to you expect to work from one to another?
It is not only a question of providing 5V to USB from an active USB hub, but is also a question of providing the proper communication through the USB which requires drivers. And one device cannot provide for the other one.
It is no harm to try it, but I think it will not work.
Just check the definition USB MIDI, marked 16, on the next file:
And USB from keyboard seems that does not output MIDI, it requires a USB driver and a software in PC or iPad.

I think the solution is only using the PC or iPad and connect both musical instruments and reroute the signals/data from one to another through PC.
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