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We have a newly implemented Skype For Business 2015 standard installation. It all seems to be working apart from some users are not searchable from the SFB client.

I have been through every trouble shooting step I can find, ran the Debug-CsAddressBookReplication commands etc but I can't get any further.

Some users do not show at all, some only show a telephone, others show fine and IM's can be sent.

I have changed the AddressBookAvailability policy to be "web search only" (so it doesn't use locally cached address book files) on my account and the same thing occurs. Still some users missing.

If I add them as a Skype user in the SFB control panel and wait for replication, then that user can be found when searching.

Does anybody please have any ideas what I can do so every user in AD is searchable?
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Just a fast comment from my Lync experience...
Does the users, which you do not see have a SIP address or at least a usable information (like phone number? Are they enabled in SFB?
I would assume you can not see users which are not enabled for SFB, means which do not have a SIP address.

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MFAFCAuthor Commented:
Hi Bebmi,

Thanks for the reply. You know you might just have given me a HUGE clue.

You're absolutely right - The users I can't see do not have a SIP address and are not enabled in SFB (Obviously the process of enabling them in SFB creates them a SIP address). They also do not have any telephone information in Active Directory.

The ones that do have telephone information in Active Directory but are not yet setup as SFB users are the ones that show up as a telephone only (not all of them though which is strange - some still show as a person??)

I'm totally new to Lync/SFB. I assumed it used the Exchange address book to search for users.

What you have explained is spot on.

Whilst I was typing this I have just added some telephony info to a user in AD that was not showing at all. They are also not yet SFB enabled. I signed back into Skype and they show up now!!

As per my original comment, SFB enabled users show up pretty quickly one replication has occurred.

Thank you so much for your advice.

Further question - what is the difference then between somebody showing as just a telephone and somebody showing as a person? In my case, both are not yet SFB enabled and both have telephony information on their AD account?

Apologies if this is confusing.
Also an idea, as I still work with LYNC, not with SFB (nevertheless the same at the end).
First at all, you can connect all kind of system to each other, like SFB, Exchange, SharePoint etc.
But as every system has its own metadata, this is the reason why it takes some time until information is visible.
As SFB / LYNC also works as PBK (telephony functionality), you may see users with a telephone number. But phone numbers has to be recognized as it and LYNC / SFB uses unified telephone number formats to be able to communicate with gateways and the public line.
So a possible reason maybe that the formatting of the telephone numbers differs. Have a look into AD just to see, if the syntax of the number is the same for an user with is shows as telephone contact and just a user shown as person. Also possibly trailing or heading space or double spaces in the middle can make a difference. The uniform numbering format is E164 what has a trailing "+" with the country and the city and local number without trailing zeros or spaces.
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MFAFCAuthor Commented:
Hi Bembi,

Your help is awesome. Again, you have just hit the nail on the head.

The telephone numbers were different. The user showing as a telephone had +44 before the number whereas the one that didn't just had the standard telephone number without country code.

So the number format can have spaces in the middle? so eg +44 0 000 000 0000 would be an OK format?

You have solved my 2 week old problems in the space of an hour. Thanks again!!!
You are welcome ;-)
Telephone numbers can have some format letters inside because SFB / LYNC is able to filter them out. Means even +44 (123) 1234 or similar formatting may work. But I guess not the biggest deal to find out now, what is allowed and what not.
As special characters with the exception of the leading "+" are not relevant to a phone number, they are usually removed anyway. For other problems there are normalization rules you can setup in SFB to allow even dialing local numbers. Normalization rules just try to make a valid E164 phone number out of it. SFB just have to recognize the numbering format. But not quite easy to catch all possibilities without struggling others. If all numbers are fine in AD, SFB doesn't have problems to use them.
MFAFCAuthor Commented:
OK brilliant.

Thank you again for taking the time to help. I'll accept your answer as the solution.

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