New installation of Windows 7 32 bit doesn't update.

Have run the fix it, restarted, etc.  

Getting Code 8007000E.  Anyone know how to fix it?

Lee RobertsIT ConsultantAsked:
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Do the following:

Stop windows update an BITS services
Rename folder c:\windows\software distribution folder
Restart services and try updates again
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Often the following simple approach works in our client machines.

1. Turn Windows Automatic Update OFF.
2. Restart the computer.
3. Turn Windows Updates back ON. It should start updating right away.
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First install SP1. Then make sure you have installed all the PC's drivers, particularly the chipset drivers if they are available. Also make sure your time and date are properly set.
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
Install a full windows update. 1
Restart the background intelligence service and the windows update service if it is still not working, also ensure windows firewall is off.
Finally if still not working unregister the windows update and bits services and reregister them.
Lee RobertsIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have tried every one of these suggestions except "Install a full windows update. 1
Not sure what you mean by this.  I did try to 'REINSTALL' SP1 but it doesn't allow it, saying SP1 is already installed.  I did a

I should have posted in my subject that it is Windows 7 Pro SP1 that is installed.  I tried SFC, Microsoft Fix It, installed standalone IE 11.  Not sure what else to do?
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
A full windows update is the following.
Turn windows update on in control panel, select settings download automatically but let me choose when to install. Proceed to download all updates, install all the updates it offers to you.

This is a full windows update. installing all updates applicable from MS. This includes service packs, office updates lots of other great stuff.
Not sure what you meant by "fix".
Here is the the link to the Windows Update Troubleshooter
Here is the official MS comment on error 8007000E

I wrote the following sometime ago with many possible solutions.  Some may have already been suggested.

Did you check in Services that Windows Update service and Remote Procedure Call service are on?

Reset Windows Update

Windows Update Troubleshooter  or


Reinstall Windows Update Agent (different links for different Win 7 systems (32bit and 64bit))

Run the Windows Update Readiness tool:

Scan for viruses and other malware.

Run SFC /SCANNOW from a Command Prompt

Run a System Restore to a date before the problem started.

Run a Repair Install.  A Repair Install should not affect personal data or installed programs. but it never hurts to backup first.

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Lee RobertsIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The exact message is:
Windows could not search for new updates.

As stated above this is a BRAND NEW INSTALLATION. No updates have been installed.

Help!! LOL
Lee RobertsIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I ran the tool at as suggested by jcimarron

Received message:

Windows Update Agent Installer encountered unrecoverable error.

Going to try a Repair Install I guess.

Will keep you posted.
Lee RobertsIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions... one of them, system restore, worked!
Pleased to hear the good news.  You are welcome.
I finally found a solution (on another forum)  that worked for me. What I did was to install/run December's update (KB3112343) to the Windows Update Clients, which I found at:
terrygeInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
I wrestled with this problem for several days looking for solutions all over the Internet.  I finally found the solution that worked for me.
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