How to change old master switch from my Cisco Stack


Hi have a Cisco Switch Stack with three switch. I need to change the Switch 1 "master" model ws-c2960xr-48ts-i that are not POE with new one ws-c2960xr-48fps-i that are POE.

I need to have a step by step guide to do that off hour and i need your help.



switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48ts-i
switch 2 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i
switch 3 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i

Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State
*1       Master 64e9.50e8.1a00     15     4       Ready              
 2       Member 8890.8dda.b800     1      4       Ready              
 3       Member f078.16e0.9a00     13     4       Ready
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Cisco 2960X Stack Member Priority Values

- change priority on switch you want to be master (Highest priority is preffered)  
- lower priority on current stack master from 15 to lower than your preferred stack master
To change the priority value for a stack member, use the switch stack-member-number priority new priority-value global configuration command.
Let's say to assign priority 1 to switch 1
#switch  1 priority 1
The new priority value takes effect immediately but does not affect the current stack master. The new priority value helps determine which stack member is elected as the new stack master when the current stack master or the switch stack resets.
To reload current master  (switch 1 - so new switch can become master)
# reload slot 1
Proceed with reload? [confirm] y

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Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Hi Predrag. Thanks for your comment.

With you procedure, i can do the fist step for my maintenance. (change the master switch).

But now, i need to physicaly change the switch 1 for a new one and be sure to keep all port configuration.

Can you help me again?
the master should take care of the configurations of the switches on the switch stack.
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According to manual to replace switch you just need to turn off switch, replace it with the same model number, reconnect cables as they were, follow the procedure and that should be it.
If not, you should manually change switch slot number
# switch x renumber y
 # reload slot x
where x is current stack member number and y new stack member number
Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Thanks you but, according to my original question, i dont replace the switch with the same model.

Slot 1 switch ws-c2960xr-48ts-i will be replaced with ws-c2960xr-48fps-i.

Does i need to replace the command :

switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48ts-i
switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i

after i turn off the original switch?

Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Can anybody have anwser for me?
I did not preform that type of replacement, so not sure. I guess that you just need to renumber switch to switch 1 (if switch get some number other than 1) and if configuration is supported (the same interface types etc) it should work, but it is just guess (I don't like guesses). I can only point you to documentation (and hope for feed back). :)
I guess this is your case
If you add a provisioned switch that is a different type than specified in the provisioned configuration to a powered-down switch stack and then apply power, the switch stack rejects the (now incorrect) switch stack-member-number provision type global configuration command in the startup configuration file. However, during stack initialization, the nondefault interface configuration information in the startup configuration file for the provisioned interfaces (potentially of the wrong type) is executed. Depending on the differences between the actual switch type and the previously provisioned switch type, some commands are rejected, and some commands are accepted.
switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i
should be OK, if switch allow it (and configurations work).
Try easy solution, but prepare worst case scenario.

Bottom line is, if there are problems, you can prepare new configuration for switch you plan to use.
# no switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48ts-i
that will delete provision configuration for switch 1
# switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i
! than you create new configuration ...
Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Thanks you very much for you opinion.

I will do a maintenance procédure. The swtich change will be donne this week-end. When its done i will give you a full feedback and accept you solution.

Jimmy_MancheronAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you help. My swich change was successful.

[X]Save configuration
[X]Change priority of Switch 1
[X]Change priority of Switch 2
[X]Save configuration
[X]Reboot of Stack
[X]Check for Master Switch is Switch 2
[X]Power of Switch 1
[X]Remove Switch 1 from stck configuration
[X]Put new Switch 1 in stack configuration
[X]Save config
[X]Reboot Stack
[X]Power on the new Switch
You're welcome. Thank you for feedback. :)
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