Buying a router to RESTRICT HOURS my children spend on WIFI

I need to restrict the time spend online by my kids.  E.g. all off the net by 9pm!

MY broadband/TV/Phone are all provided by 
The router from Virgin does not have proper "Hours-restriction" software.

I propose to plug a second router into the box provided by Virgin.
This second router will then provide wireless broadband access.

The Asus routers seem to have a very nice interface for restricting hours.

Question 1: Is my solution a sensible one?
Question 2: Any view on the Asus routers (esp. the parental control).  How much need I spend?
Patrick O'DeaAsked:
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Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
Q1 - Yes solid solution
Q2 - Fine its for your kids/home not professional, your right though never buy Asus for work or important things.

1 years warranty gets you over most the humps here.

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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
If I can recall, Virgin Media gives you access to free PARENTAL CONTROL options.
All you need to do is log on to their online portal (this is where you see all your services ) and you can set it there.
Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:
Actually Kash,

While my provider is Virgin ... they have very recently bought over UPC in Ireland.
So effectively, UPC is the firmware provider (and the parental controls are awful!)
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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
Hi Patrick,
 I would have thought, those are applied over the account. I may be wrong.

Have a read here >>>
Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:

A final query.

If I plug a good (Asus) router into my Virgin one.

1. Is it possible that my wifi may reach parts of my house that it did not before?
2. Is it possible that my wifi gets less reliable?
Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
1. It depends on the wifi range of the router, it is an asus i would not get too excited, you can always use an extender router or a plug extender anyway.
2. no, and if it does just do some troubleshooting wireless channel changes , firmware updates etc.
Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks,

I will follow your guidance.
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