Avoiding + sign in encyption

I have the code below which encrypts strings for me. The issue I just ran into is it created a string as follows, "I+kP8WgPP1K5LiaLyxSOyA==" is there any way I can stop it from using non-alphanumeric codes? e.g. the addition sign. This is causing me issues when I try to use that string in a URL

Private Function Encrypt(clearText As String) As String
        Dim EncryptionKey As String = "encryptionkey"
        Dim clearBytes As Byte() = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(clearText)
        Using encryptor As Aes = Aes.Create()
            Dim pdb As New Rfc2898DeriveBytes(EncryptionKey, New Byte() {&H49, &H76, &H61, &H6E, &H20, &H4D,
             &H65, &H64, &H76, &H65, &H64, &H65,
            encryptor.Key = pdb.GetBytes(32)
            encryptor.IV = pdb.GetBytes(16)
            Using ms As New MemoryStream()
                Using cs As New CryptoStream(ms, encryptor.CreateEncryptor(), CryptoStreamMode.Write)
                    cs.Write(clearBytes, 0, clearBytes.Length)
                End Using
                clearText = Convert.ToBase64String(ms.ToArray())
            End Using
        End Using
        Return clearText
    End Function

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David CIT Projects ManagerAsked:
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:

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David CIT Projects ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Éric, I am already using UrlEncode but I forgot to mention that I am using the querystring in the URL to populate an image control. The image control shows a broken image.

I tested the image control with a sample image called '1+1.png' and that doesn't work either even with '%2b'.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
how big is your encoded string? a URL has a limited capacity somewhere between 250 and 2000 depending on the browser and its version
David CIT Projects ManagerAuthor Commented:
It's I%2bkP8WgPP1K5LiaLyxSOyA== the issue is I can't have an image with that name and if the image is called I+kP8WgPP1K5LiaLyxSOyA== it fails to load
David CIT Projects ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ended up not encrypting it but URL Encode could help someone
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