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I have to produce a set of records using SQL that meet my conditions. This is an SQL 2008 database. In my main table, each unique record is called a case. Each case can then have 0-3 sub-records (we call them documented submissions). Some cases can have just one submission, others have 2 or 3. Each submission has a type (“initial”, “interim”, and “final”), and each type of submission has its own date populated. So, for example, case # 510 could have two submissions, one for “initial” submitted on 09/10/2015, and one for “interim” submitted on 10/15/2015 etc.

Here’s my challenge. I need produce a list of cases where an “initial” submission has been recorded, and where the date difference between today and that “initial submission” is > 21 days, but where an “interim” or “final” submission has not been recorded. If an “interim” or “final” submission has been recorded, then the case should not be pulled in my list.

Any ideas?
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Can you post some sample data and your desired return set?  That would help.
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
If i understand correctly you have a Case table and a Submission table, btw actual schema information is helpful in these questions in addition to the prose.

I took some guesses about your schema so try adapting this:

FROM [Case] AS C
INNER JOIN Submission AS SInitial
	ON C.CaseID = SInitial.CaseID
	AND SInitial.[type] = 'initial'
LEFT OUTER JOIN Submission AS SInterim
	ON C.CaseID = SInterim.CaseID
	AND SInterim.[type] = 'Interim'
LEFT OUTER JOIN Submission AS SFinal
	ON C.CaseID = SFinal.CaseID
	AND SFinal.[type] = 'Final'
WHERE SInitial.[date] < DATEDIFF(DAY, -21, GETDATE())
	AND SInterim.SubmissionID IS NULL
	AND SFinal.SubmissionID IS NULL

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Marcos27Author Commented:
Sure -

Case #      Submission #      Submission Type      Date of Submission
510                      3001                   Initial                            09/10/2015
510                      3005                   Interim                    10/15/2015
511                      3002                   Initial                            10/05/2015
512                      3003                   Initial                            10/07/2015
512                      3006                   Interim                    10/18/2015
512                      3008                   Final                            11/08/2015
513                      3004                   Initial                            10/08/2015
514                      3007                   Initial                            11/02/2015

So, my query would only pull case # 511 and case # 513 (both > 21 days with no interim or final submissions recorded).
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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
    MAX(Submission#) AS Submission#,
    MAX(Date_Of_Submission) AS Date_Of_Submission
FROM table_name
HAVING MAX(CASE WHEN Submission_Type = 'Initial' AND Date_Of_Submission < DATEADD(DAY, -21, GETDATE()) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) = 1 AND
    MAX(CASE WHEN Submission_Type <> 'Initial' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) = 0
Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
SELECT C.[Case #]
FROM [Case] AS CInitial
	ON CInitial.[Case #] = CInterim.[Case #]
	AND CInterim.[Submission Type] = 'Interim'
	ON CInitial.[Case #] = CFinal.[Case #]
	AND CFinal.[Submission Type] = 'Final'
WHERE CInitial.[Submission Type] = 'Initial'
	AND CInitial.[Date of Submission] < DATEDIFF(DAY, -21, GETDATE())
	AND CInterim.SubmissionID IS NULL
	AND CFinal.SubmissionID IS NULL

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Marcos27Author Commented:
Thank you Brian and Scott! I was able to make both solutions work. Brian, I do have two tables, one for the unique case # and one for any (or many) submissions per case, so your solution is best. Thank you!
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