Coldfusion redirect to new URL when timeout

In application.cfc I set the time out as
           this.applicationTimeout = createTimeSpan(0,0,1,0);
           this.sessiontimeout = createTimeSpan(0,0,1,0);

How do I redirect the user to a new page in the application.cfc when timeout is triggered  ?
Errol FarroAsked:
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When the session expires, nothing will happen on the user's page unless he/she tries to navigate to a new page.  Then you can test for a timeout and send them to a login page.

If you want the user's page to change automatically, like the banking websites do, and force a page change, this is done with javascript.    You need to use javascript to sleep some javascript code for the desired timeout period.   If reached, then a simple redirect to the login page would do it.  Be sure to have the login page clear out the previous login session to be sure you have logged them out.
Errol FarroAuthor Commented:
This is what I am looking for. How do I test for a timeout ?
I am not a javascript expert, but I think you just start a sleep function when your page loads.  That sleep function waits 20 minutes (or whatever your timeout is) and if it reaches the 20 minutes, the redirect action is performed.   If the user switches pages, then the function just starts over on the next page.  

Using this method, you are never actually checking the coldfusion session.   The CF session timeout exists as well (for backup lets say) in case of a js error or failure to load or if js is not enabled.   When you do the js rediect, you have to be sure to end the CF session, if you don't, the user could just hit back or navigate to a new page and still be logged in (unless the CF session has also expired at the same time).

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@Errol Farro - In your Application.cfc "OnRequest" Method you could perform some sort of session check. However, you must insure that you setup the session management properly in your app.

The snippet below is an example of a check that's perform with each page request. If the authorization session does not exist, the user is redirected back to a login page. This is all done using server side logic in this example:

<!--- If user has not logged in, force a login now --->  
	<cfif not isdefined("session.auth.IsLoggedIn")>	   
		<cfinclude template="LoginForm.cfm"> 

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