hp sw5900 plus LACP with ESXI hosts

HI network and vmware team together

old ruining configuration

we have in our production right now up and ruining PRIMERGY RX300 S7 fujitsu servers connected to core switch hp sw5820 and on the core switches the LACP configured

new problematic configuration

we got PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 servers with 2 10 GB interfaces  SFP+ ports Onboard CNA type and we need to use them only for normal Ethernet traffic connection and i checked everything default no configuration for any virtual adapters or anything ells
so we connect these ports directly to the core new switches SW5900 and we configured LACP
after that i installed ESXI 6.0 from OEM iso and assigned ip to one of these 2 interfaces  

the strange behavior is some the host can ping the dns servers and sometimes not

i tried to connect to the vcenter server i used the vsphere client to connect to this host sometimes the connection work sometimes not

i tied to add the host to vcenter the vcenter get the all infor from me like user name and password then after the wizard finish the process fauild

i went to the switches and i disabled one of the 2 ports  then i manged to ping the dns server well and add the host to vcenter

so i found out something wrong with LACP configuration on these type of switches

i did exactly like the old switches but i dont know if this problem on the host interfaces level because i never worked with CNA interface or the problem on the switches level because also sw5900 it is new for us

any advice how can i start troubleshooting for such problem and i don't know  who should ask and open case with whom vmware or hp or fujitsu

please some advices

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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
if using LACP I assume you are using Distributed Switches ?
sword12Author Commented:
Hi Andrew

for the old current  configuration we don't use VDS  we use standard switch our production configuration right now LACP on sw5820 switches and teaming configuration on the NICs on the standard switch (( please check the attached files which show our production configuration

my point is once i configure the LACP on the new switches SW5900 and connect the ports to the host interfaces i cant add the host to the vcenter to start configuration until i break the LACP or shutdown one of the ports

i have doubt is this because the new hosts has CNA interfaces or because the LACP configuration on the sw5900 wrong

i want to know the problem on the host level or switches level

i cant add the host to the vcenter as much as the LACP configured and the 2 ports connected

i want to add the hosts to the vcenter then i will create VDS and add uplinks and create the other configuration

At first glance it sound like you were not using the correct load balancing selection for LACP which is IP Hash but I see what you are? Have you tried to open a support case you server vendor?
sword12Author Commented:
in our switches sw5900
i test dynamic LACP  and it work but this case i will lose control because i want the VSAN traffic to go via on up-link and the other up-link will be just backup

i test static LACP it work only in one condition if i configure on the VDS LAG also i have no control here for the traffic

i open case with vmware and they start to ask for a lot of logs and wireshark stuff . so i disable the LACP on the switches  and just connect every interface on the host to different switch . the enabled teaming policy to control the traffic and it worked plus i test it .

thank you any way

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sword12Author Commented:
i opened case with vmware and we found another solution
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