Question regarding Xendesktop 7.6

Hi Everyone

Background - We provide our clients with a a hosted Citrix environment which usually comprises 1x DC, 1x database server (this holds Xendesktop 7.6 Studio and associated databases and 1x Xendesktop 7.6 VDA server (this is where the users log onto to run their applications etc).  Users connect directly to the VDA server via an ICA connection configured on Wyse thin clients (by IP address)

I am creating a new Citrix Xendesktop 7.6 deployment for a client with around 35 users.  Due to the number of users, I want to set up a 2nd VDA (user) server, to spread the load out a little.  However, I am not sure how I would set this up as we currently have the users log directly onto the VDA server.

Would I set up the Xendesktop 7.6 Studio server up in the ICA connection and have that control the load balancing ?

Any pointers would be greatfully received.

Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAsked:
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Mark BillExchange, AD, SQL, VMware, HPE, 3PAR, FUD, Anti MS Tekhnet, Pro EE, #1Commented:
I love Citrix questions sadly it looks like I am the only one. I am getting a bit rusty on this.

Couple of things to note.
- At least 2 domain controllers.
- Recommend deploying a SSL verified CAG also for remote access, not really benefiting from what Citrix offers unless we are using one.
- 100% agree with the need for a second desktop server in any of these setups for redundancy.
- also consider switch redundancy fault tolerance models in your setup too.

"Would I set up the Xendesktop 7.6 Studio server up in the ICA connection and have that control the load balancing ?"

I am not sure of the answer to this question, if you have support from Citrix I would consult them of the best practice for setup here. Their forums are pretty useful too.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
"Would I set up the Xendesktop 7.6 Studio server up in the ICA connection and have that control the load balancing ?"

yes, you should point your clients to storefront and let studio decide about the least loaded server.
pointing directly to one server is not my preferred option.
But this depends of the version of the citrix client at the thinclient.
Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks dkotte

I have set up storefront but I'm not sure how I configure the thin clients to connect to it.  We are using Wyse T10 thin clients with System Version 7.1_122.

Also, would it be possible to use Citrix Receiver from my laptop ?

This hasn't yet been rolled out to users so I can make as many changes as I need to  :)
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
i have to take a look to the wyse system ... need some time.
Your laptop with receiver should work ... try the browser first.
Do you check this already?
Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for everyone's help so far.

To give a bit of an update, I can access via the Storefront URL, well via the 10.10.xx.xx/citrix/storeweb. through a web browser on my laptop.  I have logged onto 4 different user accounts from there and they appeared to connect to both of the servers in the DDC.

However, when I try to connect via the downloaded Citrix Receiver client on my laptop and it won't work.  I get an error message saying my account cannot be added using this server address.........

Also, I am really stuck on how to connect from the Wyse Thin Client.  I dont know where to enter the Storefront URL.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
You have to Point your Client to a emulated Service-URL:
"We got the connection to work by pointing the Broker Server field , in the Wyse Connection Manager, to the legacy address http://brokername/Citrix/Store/PNAgent/config.xml. We previously just pointed to the server address."

You have to activate the legacy PNAgent-Support at Storefront:
"There's a "Configure Legacy Support" option in Storefront. It emulates the old Web Interface URL.
You can find the option on the right hand side when you look under Stores in Storefront admin tool"

currently i am unable to understand the windows-Client Problems...

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Matthew HinchliffeIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi again

Thanks everyone for their feedback,  I managed to get this working today from my Wyse T10.  IT was indeed to do with activating the legacy PNAgent support in Storefront.

I can now access via the Thin Clients and via URL on my laptop.  I could do with finding out how to connect via Citrix Receiver and then via remote access :)

Thanks again
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