Network Solution for Residnetial Home

Hi.  Working on designing a Network Infrastructure for new residential house.  The house is over 12000 S.F. on three levels and has total of 12 rooms. This is a smart house and Crestron will be the main component that is being used for the AV distribution and all other home automation tasks.  The network will be the backbone of the system and the functionality of the system will depend on the strength of the Network Infrastructure. We will need a minimum of 32 communication ports but we should consider additional traffic volume for future expandability and etc.. Here is a link that is provided by Crestron which "helps" explain the minimum infrastructure that is required and is optimal: Crestron IP Considerations Guide for the IT Professional Design Guide.  If the link is broken, I have also attached the document.
My question is what would you recommend give the above?  Manufacture, Model and etc..?
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Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
It sounds to me like money is not a issue with this setup. In that case I would recommend Cisco Meraki Switches.

Its a layer 3 switch so you can route with it as well. POE for any devices that require it. 48 port for future expansion.

I would highly recommend a security appliance as well.

Wireless access point AC standard.

Everything is cloud managed so you can maintain it easily if necessary.

Sounds like a fun project. Enjoy!

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Check out Ubiquity.  There are a lot of options that would be nice for your house.

Think you will be happy with what you find.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:

We trialed Ubiquity for our enterprise and didn't care for the setup interfaces. Ease of management was not where we wanted it.
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esabetAuthor Commented:

Thank you.  I like what I see and read - Enterprise class, how can you go wrong!! I was also thinking that we should go with Cisco though it is not cheap.  But I think the Networking will be the back bone of the entire system and we can't really compromise the rest of the system due to network issues.

What would you recommend to use as a router?  ISP is Optimum.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:

The switch I recommended is a Layer 3 switch. This means that it can perform routing functions as well.

A big question will be phone service. I see OOL provides a kind of VOIP. WIll you be using this service?
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
Depending on your answer I would possibly recommend a cable modem in addition to the networking equipment.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
I would recommend the following setup. Please follow in order.

Internet connection - OOL Provided Cable Modem - This is your most outwardly internet connected device
Security Appliance - MX64 - This will be your firewall
Switch - MS320-48 - This will do your routing and switching

Cable Modem>MX64>MS320-48>Endpoint Device such as phone or computer, etc.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:

For ease of repair I would recommend using a small rack enclosure with a patch panel. Every network cable would go from the wall port to the patch panel and then you would use a patch cable to connect the patch panel port to the switch. Label the patch panel ports with the locations of the wall ports and something to identify what device is plugged in or hardwired in. This will allow any electrician with half a brain to replace/repair the network cables (I would recommend using CAT6 shielded cable as a minimum) rather than having to call a network cable installer.
esabetAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, I totally missed it and I was actually about to make a comment on that and just saw your reply, THANK YOU.

Before I go tangent on another subject, what do you think of Access Networks as an alternative Network Equip. solution?

As for Cable Modem, that is what I meant to ask about, not the router.  Optimum provides a Cable Modem but I am wondering if I can use an alternative to ensure a more solid performance?  If that is possible, what Cable Modem would you recommend?

As for VOIP, I am not certain if the  clients are interested but perhaps they haven't thought about it.  Optimum dose provide phone service as part of their package which I know is internet dependent.

The other item that I guess we would have to consider is the use of IP Security Cameras .  The NAS that is being used for recording and managing the cameras is QNAP TVS-1271U-RP-i7-32G 2U 12Bay Rackmount NAS.  BTW, they also intend to use the NAS as a network storage for the family, cloud services and backup location for the family member's PCs.

Any thoughts?
esabetAuthor Commented:
Just spoke with the clients, YES they are going to use OOL (Optimum) VOIP phone service.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
You really like kicking me...
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
I cannot speak on Access Networks as I have not come across the hardware before.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
As for the rest of this. I think we should have a discussion over a instant messenger for the rest of the setup. This is looking like a feature creep that will bite you in the ass if you're not careful from the start. Please PM me for contact details.
esabetAuthor Commented:
Got it-----PM Sent
esabetAuthor Commented:
The system integrator (the contractor that is integrating the Audio/Video system as well as the Creston equipment) is recommending the following:

Cisco 1921-SEC/K9 router
Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPS-L Catalyst switch
Cisco AIR-CT2504-5-K9
Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-A-K9 (Access points)  QTY: 4 to 5 due to the size of the home.
Cisco AIR-CAP1532I-A-K9

What do you think?
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
PM received and replied to.
Curt PetriccaIT TechnicianCommented:
Cisco 1921-SEC/K9 router - END OF LIFE Announcement was in 2012
Cisco WS-C2960X-48LPS-L - END OF LIFE Announcement was in 2014
Cisco AIR-CT2504-5-K9 - END OF LIFE Announcement was in 2012
Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-A-K9 - END OF LIFE Announcement was in 2012
Cisco AIR-CAP1532I-A-K9 - END OF LIFE Announcement was in 2012

STAY AWAY FROM AIRONET. This is a managed wireless system. They are a nightmare to work on and upgrade. The wireless portion would be best fulfilled with the Merakis.

All of the equipment listed above should not have money wasted on it. If the end client is spending the money buy current technology and do it right the first time with the simplest to manage system. The cloud interface (webpage GUI) of the Merakis is great. Having to manage hardware via console is a pain.
esabetAuthor Commented:
Very informative and helpful.
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