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Is there an application like virtual box in Windows 2012 or Windows 10 to give seemless application access to IE remotely for a MAC user remotely accessing Windows 10 or 2012 does get desktop interface but clean application access only hiding desktop screen from user
pchettriIT DirectorAsked:
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Scot HalvorsenCommented:
This sort of thing can be done with Windows Azure Remote App Service. However this is a Cloud based service from Microsoft.

Also it seems that it is possible to do this with Windows Server 2012 R2 according to Microsoft
pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I need to do this for local Windows 2012 as our public address is only allowed to access clients Dev site and it work from Azure
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I guess the best way would be to setup remote apps on 2012 and then use this tutorial on how to use them from a mac:

Could you please explain why you want to do it that way?
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Please note that this solution requires RDS CALs.  Remote Apps would be ideal as you could provide a URL for apps, distribute RDP file or on Windows computers, the apps can be added to the desktop or Start Menu via a RSS feed.
pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
windows 2012 by default has 5 CALS which should be good three user, however, if I do it in Windows 10 then I would need to use three licenses separately.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
CALs included are not RDS CALs but Windows CALs.  RDS CALs are only required for Remote Desktop Services.  If you approach the idea of Remote App then each user or each device will require RDS CALs (CALs can be either User based or Device based).
VIrtualbox should work ok, but it's the slowest of the 3 major VM platforms for a Mac.

You can try WineBottler to run IE on a Mac.
pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
virtual box runs on MAC machine directly. I need to browser session from a virtual computer that is hosted in the LAN and allow user to browse through the computer.
I'll summarize: You need IE on a mac, so either emulate it (wine bottler), or run it inside a windows on a vm on your mac, or remoteapp style connected to 2012, or full rdp session style connected to win10.
Different license costs apply. I would use it inside a virtual box machine, if I were you. No, it does not run "directly" but is like any other machine on your LAN.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
One more thing to consider and that is of the user will be connecting via VPN and run IE.  If that is the case then VirtualBox on the Mac will require its own BPN connection. You will also need a licensed copy of Windows.
pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
For me it worked with Remote desktop apps and publishing on remote web and I have got five remote desktop connection CAL. Now the explorer session runs directly from the server in office LAN regardless of where user is travelling and until the user is using VPN they can access the website restricted to one public address.
It worked the what I was originally planning to deploy which RDP. The MAC end part was resolved by Remote RDP client for MAC

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pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
resolved by implementing own solution
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