Printer MFC9840 smears lines on page

I have a very lightly used Brother MFC9840.  Almost since I got it it has had small spots and smears on pages I printed. Now these smears are just too bad for presentation work.

*  This is not an over used nor abused machine.
*  It has been wiped out several times.
*  Its long out of warranty.
*  Inks all full.
How do I fix it?

Example streaks made when printing
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This is not an inkjet printer.  It's a laser printer.  Regardless of whether the printer was lightly used or not the fact that it's started smearing when you first got it and has gotten worse indicated that either:

- faulty toner - have they been replaced before?  
- the drum is bad/faulty.

If I am not mistaken, the smears seems like a mixture of black and red or is that just a color fault from the scan?  If so, from the smear type I am leaning toward a faulty drum unit.

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8fort8Author Commented:
No its the test page not a scan.
 Your correct its red, black, possibly some blue.
You think its the drum unit?
you could clean it out from any dust as a start, but i fear you need to have it serviced
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8fort8Author Commented:
I took the drum out and wiped the rollers down with alcohol as per the Brother cleaning instructions. Then I cleaned the wire. No difference. I put a different black ink cartage in, it just made noise and posted another error. Everything looks clean and brand new.
Keep in mind the total print count is only 8055 pages.

 Right now they have a sale on drums @ newegg so I ordered one. I'm hoping to avoid service as its usually more money to fix their poorly designed product than to buy one new from their competition.
>>  I put a different black ink cartage in, it just made noise and posted another error.  <<  what error?
8fort8Author Commented:
Error 32. I fixed that error long ago. I'm  thinking it was a bad cartridge because of the noise and the error wasn't consistent. It went from 32 to eol to something else. Returned the working cartridge and printed fine except the streaks.
If it's a cartridge then the smearing will be apparent for only one color.  However, due to the multi-color smearing I am leaning toward a faulty drum unit.

Also, I don't know how long your printer is but I find that nowadays it's not worth repairing printers.  It's often cheaper to just replace it unless if you have many extra toners for it.
so in fact the cartridge was NOT replaced
then it can still be the cartridge
post result when you get it in
8fort8Author Commented:
Not abandoned got new drum waiting on toner so I can post outcome
8fort8Author Commented:
Turns out its not the drum. Its the toner cartridges. Bought lovetoner premium toner and the cartridges that worked (2 of the 4) are leaking ever so slightly onto the duplex roller sheet. So when the page is printed double sided it is smudged. If its 1 sided (just noticed that) only the back is smudged. Oddly when I discovered this it didn't turn out to be the colors it seemed to be on the bad prints which made finding the problem a bit more difficult.
  So my lovetoner "PREMIUM" toner only cost me $207 for worthless toner and $85 for an unnecessary drum.
Thanks everyone who tried to help the toner guys guessed it.
8fort8Author Commented:
Not quite what he was thinking  but it was the toner cartridge.
Sorry to hear about the expenses 8fort8 but glad to hear you got to the bottom of it.  I know using third party toners can save you a lot of money but unless if it's made by a reputable company I wouldn't trust them.  My example of a reputable company is that I know for a fact Xerox sometime also make toners for HP believe it or not and I have used them.  They are just as good as OEM.  However, lovetoner .... hmmm, risky.  Cheers!
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