Error 550 4.4.7 Queue. expired when sending emails internally

Hi, we are running Exch2010 and have multiple public folders.  One particular mail enabled PF cannot receive emails if we sent it from our Outlook. It's email address is "".  However, when I sent emails to "", mail went through.
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I would check the folder permission of the public folder which do t work. YOu even can compare the permissions with the working folder.
Another option is just t disable the email for this folder and to reenable it again.
If you have more than one server, wait a time for replication.
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
PF permissions for this folder is already checked.  If I disable the email for this folder, will all the existing emails be deleted as well?  Just want to make sure before I do that.
A public folder with e-mail enabled just get an email address and is registered in AD. If you remove only the email enabled option, you can not send emails to this folder anymore, but the folder will stay as it is.

If you are unsure, copy the content to a pst file or into another public folder.
Note, if you copy such items, the retention policy for the new items will start von the date of copy.
(if you have one, just to have it said).
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Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
I disabled and re-enabled the PF and still cannot send emails internally to this PF email addr (  Email sent to still work.
However, when I sent emails from external (hotmail, gmail) to, it failed before but now it works.  This thing is getting confusing.
Public folder have a MAPI permission set, what you can see in Outlook.
There are usually an anonymous permission (for non authenticated users) with should at least "create items" to accept anonymous mail.
Another permission is "Default" what are all authenticated users. This should be at least create item and folder visible as well as read.

The permissions you have to separate from administrative permissions, which has something to do with AD. If these permissions are changed, it may have other effect. You can compare the settings with the working folders.
If this doesn't work at all, the AD permissions maybe confused. What you can do is just to e-mail disable the folder, create a new one, assign the old e-mail address and move the content from the old one to the new one...

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Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
I did check both anonymous and default.  All looks good.  Anyway, it seems to be working internally when I sent the email,   Sending from external is a different problem.  One that has to do with our spam filtering software which I can post in a different thread.

However, when I checked the emails that were sent to "" PF, I see the email address "to" is "".  I've already setup the "reply from" address in the PF as "", not sure why when the email was received, it came to the right PF but email to was "" and not "".
The mail header should clarify why....
Just keep in mind that there are two information in the mail header...
The recipient name and the recipient-email...
So, it looks like a little bit confused...

Another view can help, if you look into the AD properties. (ADSIEdit or ADExplorer). THe mail enabled dolders are there as exchange object. Beside the mail-address, there may be also a proxy address. It is possible that they may be confused. So check the AD-Container (of both - shipping and shipping1).

Another possibility is a rule, which may forward mail to the one address to the other folder.

To check the mail from external, you may goto the mail queue and stop the queue there. THisway you can check, if the mail ever reaches exchange. If the queue is stopped, all mails will stuck there until you restart the queue again (nothing lost).

Also you may enable the logon in the connectors (send / receive) as well as for the connection. In the logs you can see, if a mail to the folder has reached exchange or not.
If exchange doesn't show any mail for the folder, the mail was eaten before it could reach exchange.

If exchange works correctly, you can just test via the command line. (Telnet) send a mail to both folders, one time with an internal sender address, the other time with an external sender, if all mails reach the correct target, exchange is out of scope.
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
We got the external emails coming through our spam filter working now.  Just want to clean up the PF.  
So as you have suggested, to disable the PF, remove it and then re-create it.  Would all the aliases in this PF be automatically removed or must I run some powershell commands to remove them?
You mean all additional e-mail addresses?
The email addresses are connected with the AD object (Microsoft Exchange System Objects)...
If the object is removed there after disabling e-mail, everything connected with email should be away...
If you remove the folder (after you moved the content), also the PF object is removed from the DB and a new PF will get a new GUID so is handled as a new object.
Soho_DanAuthor Commented:
Thank you!  If I can give you an A+, I would.  I got the PF working by removing the PF and then re-creating it.
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