El Capitan, copy calendar events automatically to another calendar

Using Calendar on El Capitan, I want to automatically copy all events from one calendar to another calendar. I would like this to happen on a real-time basis with no manual copying. When I add an event to one calendar, I want the same event to show up on the other one. Can this be done?
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Can you indicate the intention behind this, if we compare the fact that you can have multiple devices or workstations synchronizing that same calendar and thus receiving the same calendar events as they get created, modified or deleted, and all happening in realtime.
MarkLoveExExAuthor Commented:
I'm new to Mac OX, so please bear with me. This is what I really want to do... A friend shares with me her google calendar. I want that google calendar to show up on one of my icloud calendars, accessible using icloud on the web.

It appears that there is no way for me to get ANY google calendar to show up on icloud's calendar website. So, I'm trying to get my iMac to automatically copy / sync those google calendar events to one of my icloud's calendars, so they will show up. Any ideas?  Mark
Thanks for your comment, this is exactly what I need to know in order to direct you to the proper solution.

It is effectively possible to add Google Calendar into Mac OS X or any iOS device. The beauty of Mac is to be able to have many accounts with different providers and keep each account separately one from the other. The info stays in each account, while we can view all of these into one single view. The events will be assigned a different color tag, according to their respective source.

Click on the apple menu at the top left corner. in System Preferences, Internet Accounts, you will be able to add your google account information and then choose to sync any information pertaning to your Google account. Make sure that you have Calendars option selected in the list of options to choose from. Once the account created, your Mac will automatically retrieve any existing selected information from Google server.

You will have to go into Calendar. On the top left of the window, there is a button named Calendars. Click on it. The left side will deploy the list of available calendars for all accounts set up in Internet Accounts under System Preferences. You will find checkmarks for all calendars being displayed. All calendars are separated under groups which are named according to their respective Internet account. You will have access to the shared Google calendar from this section. Just make sure that you see the shared calendar and it has a checkmark in the box. Then, the events will appear in the unified view of the calendar. You can also deselect all calendars and leave only the shared one to show the events.
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If your friend has shared write access to her calendar with you, you will be able to create new events and choose into which calendar you want to post the event. Just hold the plus sign button at the top left and select the shared Google calendar.
MarkLoveExExAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment, but I already know how to display my friend's google account in the Calendar application in iMac El Capitan.  What I need to do instead is to somehow get those events viewable in my icloud Calendar website.  That is, from https://www.icloud.com/#calendar, accessible using any browser, Mac or Windows. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
MarkLoveExExAuthor Commented:
I know I can manually copy the events to one of my icloud calendars, but I want to be able to do this automatically
The only way to share editable calendars between Mac OS X Calendar.app and Google Calendar is by adding the Google account information to Internet Accounts in System Preferences and choosing to sync calendars. The calendars will be available and editable on all Apple devices, but they will not appear at iCloud.com.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:

I'm pretty sure you CANNOT dynamically copy events from Google Calendars to an Apple Calendar.

You can export the Google calendar and IMPORT it into OSX Calendar but this is a once-off process and if they add new events to their calendar you will not get them as you have a one-time copy.

The principle that Apple and Google operate on is that each device iPhone, iPad, PC etc can access the Calendars directly.   You'll NOT be able to see th Google Calendars in iCloud and Google don't let you see the iCloud calendars in their web interface however Google do allow you to show publicly shared calendars on their web version .. it would mean making your Calendar publicly shared - which may not be an option.

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Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
You could "subscribe" to the google calendar from within iCloud and that calendar would then show and automatically update when viewing from iCloud.com.

You'll need the private sharing link from google's calendar settings page. Then use the calendar app to subscribe to that URL and tell it to store the subscription in iCloud, not "on my Mac".
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