Embedding a Word doc into an Excel UserForm MultiPage

Using Windows 7 Home (64bit) - Office 365 (32bit)

I have an Excel application that is run from a UserForm with a MultiPage. I want to show the user the contents of an MS Word document and give them a button to click to edit it.

Can a word document be embedded into the UserForm ? Can it be edited in the UserForm ?

If I can't embed it into the UserForm, can I stop the user from accessing my UserForm while they are in Word, and then return to my UserForm when they close Word?

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Embed no. Lock / hide the  user form while user is in word... prob yes but this is not a simple thing.

You will need to create and monitor the word application from xl and trap the doc close event to unlock the userform...
RzzBAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your help.
This is very messy - I think I will have to think of a better way.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
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Part 1 of the question was:
Can you embed a word doc in a multipage userform?

The answer was:

Part 2 of the question was:
Can it be edited in the user form?   Axiomatic, given the answer to part 1.

Part 3 of the question was:
If I can't embed it, can I lock the user form...?

The answer was: Here is a basic way forward, warning it will be non trivial...

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RzzBAuthor Commented:
Hmm - I'm a bit new to EE and I'm not quite sure what I should be doing here. Dr Tribos' response was not a solution to my problem - but that's not his fault. I guess it was an answer to the question. Should I be accepting it as a solution? Guidance would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Roy
Hi Roy

Here is some guidance: http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/en/portal/articles/755964-the-experts-told-me-%E2%80%9Cyou-can-not-do-that%E2%80%9D-what-do-i-do-now-?b_id=44

Basically... if you are satisfied that the answer is correct - even if the answer is 'it can't be done' then you should accept the answer.  Rational, someone took time to save you time...

You can always ask for more info or close the question and ask a new one.

Cheers  :-D
Thanks :-)

Just curious, have you found a solution yet?
RzzBAuthor Commented:
Oh  - when I posted a few moments ago it said No More Post Accepted... hmmm bizarre.

No I have no solution yet... I'm sort of surprised it's not possible to embed a Word doc on to a UserForm - I was expecting it to be easy! - I thought that's what OLE was all about.

My current thinking is to convert the Word Docs into HTML and manually embed that and control it all with code. Not top of my priority list at the moment - so will get to it some time in the new year...

Many thanks for your help.
OLE seems to work better in Excel than Word... trust me, even if it was possible you wouldn't want to do it.  There are enough bugs in Word when just trying to do the simple things.

Sounds like an interesting project, I'll keep an eye out for your questions...

RzzBAuthor Commented:
Ha haaa...  Yes word is a minefield.  Only today my wife tried to find a 6x6 envelope - there are some wonderful threads on the web about that!

I'll post here when I come up with a solution...
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