Unable to log into Windows 7 laptop that is/was joined to domain

I have a laptop that lost it's trust relationship with the domain:  " the trust relationship between this workstation and primary domain failed".  I am unable to get into the laptop with a local account to rejoin the domain. I checked Active Directory and the account still existed and so I reset the computer account, but that did not work. I then deleted the AD account and recreated it (perhaps a mistake?) and still did not work. I put in a Window 7 recovery DVD into the laptop and go to the "System Recovery Options" to see if I recognized any of the local accounts it asked me to login as and I did not. Even when I take the computer off of the network it will not login under the cached account for whatever reason.

Does anyone have any idea what else I can try to get into this laptop? I am at a loss.
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
I suppose you can´t logon with local account because administrator account is disabled or you have not got password.

Then, you need to boot using any of lots offline password changer for Win7, then, change password and/or enable local admin account.
After that, logon and rejoin computer to domain.

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Ganesamoorthy STech LeadCommented:
Need to rejoin to Domain again, even if did computer account reset and recreated the computer account in AD

Try to log-on through local admin and remove and re-join to Domain to resolve the issue, if required to the rebuild again to get the new local admin account with password
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
What happens when you login as a local admin?
It should really work, if not, enable the local admin, or reset the password with a boot DVD (Trinity Rescue Disk http://trinityhome.org/Home/index.php?content=TRINITY_RESCUE_KIT_DOWNLOAD)
Remember to login with the local admin as COMPUTERNAME\LOCALADMIN
(Replace with real computer name and admin account, if you don't remember the computer name, it's in on of the help descriptions)
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eagle3344Author Commented:

I can't login as the local admin. Apparently this laptop was built prior to me arriving and the local accounts are unknown.
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
With the boot cd I linked, you can RE-enable the admin account, AND reset the password (to empty). That way YOU WILL be able to log in as admin. Don't forget to login as computername\localadmin though.
Don't waste your time.  Re-image notebook.
Hopefully any critical data is on users Home Drive.
eagle3344Author Commented:

I was able to unlock the loca administrator account and then reset the password with the utility I found here: pogostick.net

It worked surprisingly well. I appreciate the input and pointing me in the right direction with a utility such as that.
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