Is result cache init.ora parameter can be benefited for an Oracle OLTP database

Anyone used the result_cache init.ora parameter for OLTP Oracle ?
Can this be used in production without any harm ? if yes, What should be the value be chosen for result_cache_mode between manual or force?
I am mainly looking for these 3 parameters:-

result_cache_max_size     :- What percentage of SGA should be used? I have 64gb of sga_max_size
result_cache_max_result :- What value be used for a heavy OLTP database?
result_cache_mode :- manual or force
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>>> Can this be used in production without any harm ?  

depends on if you'll really use the cache and how much space you dedicate to it

>>> result_cache_max_size
depends on the amount of reuable data you will have.

if you have 1K of data that is the same every time and accessed frequently, then 1K,  if 10M then 10M,   if 3gb then 3gb, etc.  there is no "generic" value.
If you don't know, then just pick something and try.  Use the advisor views to monitor and adjust accordingly.

>>> result_cache_max_result
same as above

>>> result_cache_mode
if you go manual, then you'll probably be able to determine your exact needs better because you can decide which queries/functions will use the cache and hence control the amount of the cached data.

if you go force then the db will try to cache everything which means sometimes it will cache data you don't need and that will age out the values from cache that you do.  on the other hand, implementing this will take effect immediately without needing to make code changes

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Same questions I have from your previous question:

Other that "faster" what problem are you trying to solve?

Between your previous question and this one, I get the feeling you are just reading through any general performance papers/blogs/docs/??? and sort of guessing at possible things to change.

That isn't the correct way to tune.  You make observations, set goals then start looking for ways to achieve the goals.

Asking "what about the XYZ" parameter will never get you closer to your goals.
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